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Suggestions for 4 night break July 2030

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SaharaSunset Mon 07-Oct-19 20:14:40


Looking for suggestions for places to go Monday - Friday July 2020?

Usually we go on long haul holidays for 10 days - 2 weeks or Spain for a long weekend, but have extra time away and want to make use of it before the kids break up.

Looking for somewhere with good weather and totally indifferent if it's All Inclusive or not - for context we usually go AI but long haul carribean destinations.

Thanks smile

TheBitchOfTheVicar Mon 07-Oct-19 20:18:32

That is some forward planning 🤣

SaharaSunset Mon 07-Oct-19 20:21:53

Oh ffs - I meant 2020! I like to be organised but even that's taking it too far by my standards 😂

brusselsprout5 Mon 07-Oct-19 20:22:10

I'd wait til nearer the time! 😂😂😂

ProseccoSupernova Wed 09-Oct-19 08:44:31

Is this just two adults then? City or beachy?
With four nights you could stretch to New York/Boston or could reduce travel and stick to Europe... palma (and hire a car to see some of the rest of the island), sorrento (fly into Naples and then take a taxi or train), include a day trip to Capri and/or the amalfi coast. Basically anywhere in Europe would be nice weather at that time of year.

elQuintoConyo Wed 09-Oct-19 08:53:42


PandaTurtle Mon 14-Oct-19 00:13:12

Reykjavik - with global warming should be hot by then. They might have started AI too.

mummymeister Mon 14-Oct-19 11:55:31

city breaks are really good - Rome, Barcelona, amalfi coast etc.

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