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First family holiday

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SweetPeaPods Thu 03-Oct-19 20:26:44

DH and I are taking the dc (7and5) on our first family holiday for October half term to Tenerife for 1 week all inclusive.
It has been so long since even DH had a holiday abroad that I have forgotten everything!! Any tips or what to pack or not pack very welcome. How is the Canary Islands for mosquito bites etc? Any tips for the airport or flight also appreciated (snacks and kindle are a given). Flight leaves at 6am so it’s an early one and starting to panic already!

MinnieMountain Fri 04-Oct-19 07:02:17

You'll be fine (helpful grin). At that age DC can carry their own rucksacks and listen sometimes. Take sweets to suck on takeoff and landing. DS gets a comic which he's only allowed to start on the plane.

SweetPeaPods Fri 04-Oct-19 07:41:10

That’s a good shout. The kids are always asking for magazines at the supermarket maybe they can pick one at the airport.
I’m so out of the swing of travelling abroad that my brain has gone so blank, just remembered beach towels in bed last night!

reluctantbrit Fri 04-Oct-19 07:59:39

No liquids above 100ml in a container not bigger than 100ml in handluggage unless bought after security. That also includes things like yoghurt.

We always get breakfast at the airport, when smaller DD got a magazine but that depended on flight times, if too early I would take her shopping a day before at home.

In handluggage are all electronics, chargers, any medication you rely on, books and obviously all paperwork. Your kids are old enough to carry a bag pack. If they rely on it, Take cuddly toys in back packs as well.

We had no issues with midgets last year but I always have some kind of creme with me together with other first aid stuff.

Stock up on sun cream.

Have fun.

reluctantbrit Fri 04-Oct-19 08:01:12

Oh, we also put a change of clothes, sandals/flip flops and swimsuit on top or side of a hold bag. Sometimes it can take a while to get to the room but at least you can change and go to the pool.

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