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Essaouira and Marrakesh

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minmooch Thu 03-Oct-19 13:28:02

Off to have three nights at each town at the end of next week.

Going with my best friend. Neither of us been to Essaouira, she has been to Marrakesh.

We fly to Marrakesh, getting a bus to Essaouria for the first 3 nights then back to Marrakesh.

Looking for top tips, suggestions, experiences.

wowsaidtheowl Thu 03-Oct-19 20:24:01

Essaouira is one of my favourite places!
Go to the fish market, buy your fish and take it to the grills next door. Delicious!
Shopping is much cheaper than Marrakech - you’re bound to come back with a least one rug. There are some beautiful sisal sandals available too. If you like calligraphy track down Mohamed Tifardine. His artwork is stunning and he produces personalised works too.
There’s a tiny family restaurant called Miyame which is lovely.
Otherwise, just wander and enjoy!

minmooch Wed 09-Oct-19 20:42:47

Thank you @wowsaidtheowl . Am off on Sunday and terribly excited now.

Have looked up the restaurant suggestion and will definitely try it and the fish/grill suggestion.

wowsaidtheowl Wed 09-Oct-19 20:52:58

Have fun!

countrygirl99 Sun 13-Oct-19 14:17:13

The fish in Essaouira is our favourite memory from Morocco

PinkOboe Sun 13-Oct-19 14:26:36

They’re both amazing places. Marrakesh can be overwhelming but just relax and go with the flow and don’t take the hassle In the souk seriously, it’s kind of a game. Essaouira is much more chilled, really lovely. Windy though so take a jumper grin

PinkOboe Sun 13-Oct-19 14:29:08

We had a strange experience in essaouira where we thought a guy was trying to rip us off, usual chit chat etc, it transpired he wasn’t and he ended up taking us along the coast to a deserted beach where him and his friends fished and cooked an amazing meal and we had one of the most special days I’ve ever had.

Notverygrownup Sun 13-Oct-19 14:34:32

Lol. Saw your title and thought it was a baby naming thread grin

As you were. Have a lovely holiday.

HollyHocks13 Sun 13-Oct-19 14:48:18

I love both places, you'll have a fabulous time - I am so jealous!
Definitely the fish market in Essaouira is amazing. The town is beautiful but will be quite a lot cooler than Marrakesh so take a jumper! It is worth a trip to the beach too if only to see the camels... Marrakesh is so vibrant and exotic - just wander around the souks and soak in the atmosphere... the Jardins Marjorelles are also worth a visit, like a brightly coloured oasis smile Have a wonderful time!

minmooch Mon 21-Oct-19 17:50:47

@wowsaidtheowl had dinner at your recommendation in Essaouira - Miyame and had a fabulous meal here.

Ate in a local back street -sardines and a mortician salad. Paid next to nothing and was fantastic.

Went to the local fish market and chose our fish. Got stung as the then charge you for cleaning the fish, then for the mortician salad, then for the olives and then for the bread so it ended up one of our most expensive meals. Was a great experience though.

Our Riyad in Essaouira was beautiful. Riyad Malaika should anyone ever find themselves in that part of the world. Ate there one night and it was like a Michelin starred meal for a fraction of the cost.

Also Cafe Berberi. Bit like Miyame - very tiny, very local, fabulous food.

Marrakech was an assault on the senses in every way. Took me a day to get a feel for the place and not feel vulnerable.

Ate at fantastic places. My recommendations were a fabulous restaurant called Blackchic cafe - superb Lebanese/Morrocan/Senegalese food on the top terrace.

Corner Cafe again fabulous food just off the main square.

Braved a very local street cafe and ate for 80 p.

Kosybar was a stunning place to watch the sunset and have a local beer.

Came back exhausted and exhilarated in equal measure. Took a while to get used to the extreme change in culture. I'm sure it's not for everyone and definitely not for the feint hearted. Great experience but need a holiday to get over my holiday

Was only away for 6 days but feel like I've been away for two weeks!

minmooch Mon 21-Oct-19 17:51:40

Not a mortician salad - that would be grim - a Morrocan salad 😱😂

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