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Efteling, best time to go ?

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blamethecat Fri 27-Sep-19 10:43:37

I want to book a trip to Efteling, but not sure when to go, likely to be either May half term or later in August. I think I have read may is quieter as there isn't a local holiday then ? but would the weather be better in August (as much as you can predict such a thing). Also in terms of travel what is the best way ? DP does get seasick so probably a shorter crossing or tunnel ? But we'd take the car.

WindUpBird Wed 02-Oct-19 16:44:01

I've been to Efteling quite a few times! Lots when I was a child and a couple of times more recently, with DCs.
The last time we went was August 2015. We stayed in a family-friendly hotel in Kaatsheuvel, which was walking distance to the park and drove there from Calais.
If you pre-book your entrance ticket I think you can get a deal so you get in half an hour early to go on a couple of rides and get your bearings and it includes coffee and cake and a fast food meal & a discount in the shop. Worth it as we were there ALL day and didn't want to carry 2 lots of picnics with us.

I don't remember it being that busy and the queuing times weren't that bad at all. I'm comparing it to UK Legoland which I also visited in high season, the queues there were criminal!

It's a really well-managed park. And it's actually really 'pretty' with nice paths, plants and trees... I love it there!

Imnotthrowingawaymyshot Fri 04-Oct-19 08:00:18

As pp anytime really.
Look at their crowd calender but the beauty of the park is large open spaces, lots of chill areas, play aras.

Just stay on site, it's not like Disney with thousands of confusing deals and no bottom line price.. Bosrijk is considered best place, the centrally located apartments are fab and convenient, right over restaurant, reception, and next to pool, shorted walk to park.

Try efteling for brits fb page

Tunnel would be fine if you are worried about ferry otherwise we do diver /Dunkirk...

Many break up journey with stop off at bruges... Very easy the novotel in bruges is good price, or ghent, or slog, stay in hotel de kroon.. And then efteling next morning.

It's wondeful theme park, head and shoulders over anything here and better than Disney

FlyingFlamingo Fri 04-Oct-19 08:07:01

We have been at May half term and the beginning of January. May was quieter, and the year we went the weather was unusually warm, up to 30 I believe! The queues were fine - I think the longest was oddly the old time cars, which is a children’s ride.

We took the tunnel the first time and flew the second. Both were easy.

We stayed in Bosrijk which is lovely, you get in to the park half an hour early but to be honest they don’t make that easy, the early entrance isn’t well signposted so the first day we missed it completely. That would be my only complaint really - we love Efteling smile

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