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Christmas Markets - Dublin, Tallinn or somewhere else?

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jarviscockatiel Mon 23-Sep-19 00:03:07

DH and I like to visit Christmas markets. Every other year we go to one in a German city but then alternate years like to go to other countries. We usually spend daytimes visiting tourist sites in the cities and then visit the markets in the evenings.
This year we are debating whether to go to Dublin or Tallinn and would be interested in opinions of those who have been to either of these places. Alternatively are there any other cities with great markets and plenty to see in the daytime? We have already visited most European capital cities and wouldn't want to repeat them.

TerribleCustomerCervix Mon 23-Sep-19 00:08:48

Dublin’s Christmas market in the city centre isn’t great tbh- it had the exact same shite goods for sale as the one in Belfast, but way more busy.

It’s a great city with loads to do but if you’re looking to go specifically for a market I’d give it a miss!

MaraScottie Mon 23-Sep-19 00:10:54

I live in Dublin and love Dublin. But don't come here for any Christmas market, they're all shite!

reluctantbrit Mon 23-Sep-19 18:53:15

Antwerp or Bruges? Lovely towns in its own rights so lots to do apart from the market.

Summerdiamond Mon 23-Sep-19 18:55:15

Another saying swerve Dublin, the market in the city centre is beyond rubbish.
It’s not the place to come for a Christmas market.

DorisDaysDadsDogsDead Wed 25-Sep-19 01:02:05

Prague, Budapest, Bratislava?

tentative3 Wed 25-Sep-19 13:01:29

Bruges is lovely but the Christmas market was awful last year. We've done Basel before and the markets were pretty good but Switzerland is very expensive.

jarviscockatiel Wed 25-Sep-19 20:06:32

Thanks for your suggestions. Looks like Dublin will be a no. We've already been to Bruges, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Basel, but will investigate Antwerp. Has anyone been to Tallinn?

SteamedPotatoes Wed 25-Sep-19 20:54:49

Vienna !

lasttothebar Wed 25-Sep-19 21:02:30

Been to Tallinn for Xmas market not very impressed but Tallinn old town is very picturesque

OverthinkingThis Wed 25-Sep-19 21:04:07

Copenhagen? Tivoli at Christmas is lovely.

alphajuliet123 Wed 25-Sep-19 21:39:29

Krakow! Lovely Christmas markets, very festive throughout December.

I'm also looking at Christmassy destinations, as you've been to a few I'd love to know which you recommend most?

CherryPavlova Wed 25-Sep-19 21:41:10


elQuintoConyo Wed 25-Sep-19 21:45:36

Barcelona - buy a caga tio and a caganer grin

ZaraW Thu 26-Sep-19 15:33:41

Talin is lovely. Riga has been my favorite. When we went a couple of years ago they had loads of beautiful Christmas trees in all kinds of styles and there was a map to try to find them. Good fun if you have young children. Gamma Stan in Stockholm is quite small but very pretty.

postmanwatcher Thu 26-Sep-19 15:35:58

What about Galway? I agree Christmas market in Dublin is Poo but Galway is a brilliant city for a short break and the atmosphere at night is wicked.

juicyjuicymangoes Thu 26-Sep-19 15:41:20

Strasbourg is lovely!

mepan Fri 27-Sep-19 22:25:42

I was in Tallinn last year. Lovely Christmas market with reasonably priced food and drink. Lots of Nordic type products to buy. The old city of Tallinn is stunning. Thoroughly recommend it.

Whateveryouwish Sun 29-Sep-19 11:26:51

I’d suggest Vienna. We also like to go to Christmas markets each year. Vienna was very good. Talinn is an interesting though, we are off to Prague this year but I’ll look into that for next year!

Swiftier Tue 01-Oct-19 17:38:14

Tallinn and a day trip to Helsinki would be my choice!

caperplips Fri 04-Oct-19 15:55:34

We have been to Christmas markets in Prague, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Galway over the past years.

Dublin is a fabulous city with loads to do and see so I wouldn't rule it out.

We've found that the Christmas market only takes up a tiny proportion of your time anyway.

I'm interested in Tallin and Vienna

ZaraW Fri 04-Oct-19 18:28:35

The nice thing about Tallin is you can catch the overnight ferry to Stockholm.

Tallin is beautiful very medieval and lots of history.

SonEtLumiere Sun 06-Oct-19 07:05:42

Also came on to say Strasbourg or not so far away in Colmar or Basel

stucknoue Sun 06-Oct-19 07:42:58

Don't bother with Bruges it was crazy busy and full of the same imported tat that's for sale everywhere. The one in Birmingham is better

jarviscockatiel Sun 06-Oct-19 15:49:34

Thanks for all your ideas. We're definitely more interested in Tallinn now. We've already visited most of the other cities mentioned with the exception of Strasbourg so we'll look at that too.

As to what I'd recommend - it's hard to beat the ones in Germany. We especially liked Berlin and Cologne. We also enjoyed Luxembourg and took the train from there to Trier for a day which also was worth visiting.

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