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Holiday ideas and suggestions eurocamp city break?

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Cab121009 Sun 22-Sep-19 21:17:06

I am a single mum of 2 and so far we have done all inclusive style holidays which are great but next year fancy something a bit different. Have been looking at a european city break or. Eurocamp holiday possibly holland, germany. I wouldnt feel confident driving but happy to fly short train journey but unsure where has good links. We will be flying from edinburgh or glasgow. Has anyone done these types of holidays and has any recommendations or has anyone been to a city they can recommend for families. Kids are getting to the age that museums etc are intresting but also loads of fun is a must! TIA

TheresWaldo Mon 23-Sep-19 19:46:17

Duinrell has a fun fair and pool complex onsite and is easy striking distance of Amsterdam. Eurocamp/Canvas do mobiles there but there is all plenty of their own accommodation. One of the Spanish sites where you can get into Barcelona by bus or train?

Karwomannghia Mon 23-Sep-19 19:51:05

Check carefully the eurocamp reviews for the site because some accommodation is really old. You also have to pay extra for towels and linen and sheets or take your own.
There’s a centreparcs near Amsterdam as well which is cheaper than the uk ones and obvs has all the facilities plus near the city and the coast.

TheresWaldo Mon 23-Sep-19 21:56:40

How old are the kids and are you looking more for a active/outdoor environment like a camp site, with easy access to a city, or a city break where an apartment would be better and everything is closer?

TheresWaldo Mon 23-Sep-19 22:02:44

Barcelona is brilliant for kids. Wacky Gaudi buildings, huge park, zoo, aquarium, football stadium, beach, cable car over the harbor, dancing fountains, fantastic market, funfair on Mt Tibidabo, Olympic park, lots of museums, free walking tours, food at all prices including the chains if only a Maccy D;s will do etc etc.

stucknoue Mon 23-Sep-19 22:23:36

Highly recommend Normandy if they are museum age. It's super easy by car on the overnight ferry and the roads aren't busy, I'm not keen on driving abroad but I drive happily there. The dd beaches, each have museums, Caen has a great museum, Bayeaux is lovely and the the cemeteries are very thought provoking, we took crosses to place on graves of men from our city at the British cemetery in bayeaux, the scale of the American one blew us away. Mine were 7&9 when we want, one is now in the armed forces the other is a historian, they both credit that trip.

stucknoue Mon 23-Sep-19 22:24:16

Ps should have said check out Pierre Vacances for accommodation

Cab121009 Tue 24-Sep-19 21:21:58

Hey thanks for reply. Open to anything like the beach but also city break would be good kids will be 10 and 11 so think maybe a mix of activity and cultural would suit best just trying to choose where and what 😊

Cab121009 Tue 24-Sep-19 21:23:03

Thanks for all ideas more searching to be done 😊

elizabethcharlotte Wed 25-Sep-19 20:51:21

You should try Lake Garda! Fly to Verona then get the bus from airport to Peschiera and stay at Camping del Garda. We booked with Alfresco but you can book direct with the site or Eurocamp.
It’s a short walk to the lake or into the lovely town of Pesciera. You can catch a boat to the other little towns around the lake. Or catch the train to Verona or even Venice. There’s even a free bus service to the theme park and water park if you want to do that sort of thing. No car needed at all.
We’ve been there twice and I’d love to go back as there’s so much to see and do!

Cab121009 Wed 25-Sep-19 22:05:38

Sound and looks fab!! And flights from edinburgh as well. Def going to look into that thanks

ritzbiscuits Sat 28-Sep-19 14:45:44

I'd really look at Berlin, there is so much to do there. Lots to see and plenty of museums to visit. It's easy to get around, and accommodation and eating out is reasonable. There is the historical stuff to do, Tecknik Museum, DDR Museum, lots of trendy shops and restaurants, Berlin Zoo/Aquarium etc.

I personally also like Hamburg as a city. Look up Minatur Wunderland as an amazing day trip to do. There is also a chocolate museum, boat trip around the city, lovely to visit in the Summer as it's a very green city with parks/lake etc.

sleepwouldbenice Wed 02-Oct-19 00:22:47

I second lake Garda. We did this year and camped at Bella italia. Bit big for us to be honest but certainly has lots going on. We went to Venice first too then got train to pescheria as above. Great time all round and lots to do...... jumping in lake /water sports /hiring motor boat/ cable cars trips to other towns Venice and Verona.......

sleepwouldbenice Wed 02-Oct-19 00:23:46

And yes also theme parks and water parks.....

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