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Spain with a newborn

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rosina38 Sun 22-Sep-19 08:48:27

EDD 21 May. Villa holiday to Spain for 14 family members booked for 4 July. Any tips for travelling with a very young baby?

Flying Heathrow to Valencia

georgie262 Sun 22-Sep-19 08:58:38

I went to Spain with my in laws when my eldest was 4 weeks old. He actually travelled much better at 4 weeks than he did a year later at just 1. Being in a villa is so much better than being in a hotel because it's easier/nicer to hang around the villa when it's too hot to be out and about. Be prepared that it will be like no holiday you have ever been on before though and completely change your expectations. Take Milton sterilising tablets. If you are breastfeeding it really will be super easy a bit more tricky if bottle feeding. Research what bottled water is safe for the baby to have as some has too high a salt content. Buy the water and keep it separate to everyone else's drinking water so you can keep tabs on how much you have left.. Take with you things like infacol as I remember trying to describe it to a Spanish chemist and it was comical. Also, calpol, nappy cream. I took a sling with me but honestly it was too hot to wear it so take a pram also. I also used a pillowcase as a sleeping bag but not sure of the safety on that 🤷🏼‍♀️

Basil90 Sun 22-Sep-19 09:09:58

In contrast to what @georgie262 says, DO NOT use a pillow as a sleeping bag. Dear god how irresponsible!

MinnieMountain Sun 22-Sep-19 18:26:18

A sling is handy at least for the airport and walking around the plane if needed.
Feed on takeoff and landing.
We always used Grobags for DS. Some places sell muslin but for Spain in July you probably won't need anything other than a short sleeved babygro.

rosina38 Mon 23-Sep-19 10:46:03

Thanks everyone for your replies x

MrsCasares Mon 23-Sep-19 17:26:41

Make sure the villa has aircon.

rosina38 Mon 23-Sep-19 22:26:41

The villa has everything!

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