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Holiday with teens

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Daddylonglegs1965 Sat 21-Sep-19 16:08:19

Seeking recommendations for a hotel / resort in Croatia / Algarve or Greece for family with two teens 15 and 16 (boy and girl) so room has too be big enough and set up to accommodate sleeping arrangements. Pool, close to sea/beach ideally some kind of activities for their age/or somewhere likely to attract some kids their own age rather than all geared to really young children (B&B, H/B or may even go against the grain and consider AI).
We were thinking about perhaps island hopping in Croatia but it sounds very hot can’t decide where to go or catching the train and heading towards Italy and flying home but unsure how easy/relaxing these would be. Has anyone done anything similar?
Budget maximum 5k

Ricekrispie22 Sat 21-Sep-19 18:20:58

Family Life Bellevue has a full sports activity program and a teen hangout area.
Morenia also has a teen club with consoles and an inflatable aqua park in the sea.
Sun Gardens has a children’s sports academy for 7-15 year olds and a tweens and teens club. You can rent bikes from the hotel to explore the local area.
Valamar Club Dubrovnik also caters for teens with their own lounge area and organised tournaments and entertainment. The family room is two double bedrooms with interconnecting doors.

Daddylonglegs1965 Sun 22-Sep-19 11:05:19

Thank you have you stayed at any of these places? I have just priced up the first one and it is way over our 5K budget.
Think we are going to have to look to holiday elsewhere or holiday self catering in Croatia.

Daddylonglegs1965 Mon 30-Sep-19 20:28:54

Wrong post sorry

mummymeister Tue 01-Oct-19 15:09:17

We took our teens to Ocean Elements in vassiliki for a sailing and windsurfing week. they had a fantastic time. half board, just included breakfast, but they had a teens club every afternoon and did some really fun stuff with them. we went for a week which was perfect.

Daddylonglegs1965 Wed 02-Oct-19 19:15:55

Thanks Ocean Elements looks good but with two teens and looking at two weeks in July or August the cost is prohibitive

Daddylonglegs1965 Mon 14-Oct-19 21:20:24

Any other offerings that won’t break the bank. Wondered about private let in Lagos or trying somewhere in Greece used to love it before having DC (but worried they will be chucking loo paper round the bathroom when they get home and not looking forward to the bin of loo paper or has the plumbing improved in the last 20 years?

Daddylonglegs1965 Mon 21-Oct-19 21:54:12


Daddylonglegs1965 Wed 23-Oct-19 15:14:45

Found some accommodation with Jet2. Now toying between S/C in Kefalonia Lassi or Skala (Eating out on an evening)? Anna hotel in Halkidiki massive pool and some entertainment don’t know much about the area but HB comes in around budget (DD is veggie and an extremely fussy eater) or S/C in the Algarve in a private let in or near either Alvor or Lagos (and eating out on an evening). Anyone help me choose?

Daddylonglegs1965 Tue 12-Nov-19 19:56:25

Bump have ruled out Croatia.
Thinking of an apart hotel with a decent sized pool and some mixed age activities in either the Algarve or Spain any recommendations. Would need a decent sized bed for us and two single beds for the DC many room bed set ups are unclear.

Bonkersblond Tue 12-Nov-19 20:18:05

Does it have to be close to the sea, we went to the Ardeche in France this year, spent a couple of days kayaking the Gorge, went Canyoning for a day, out of my comfort zone, but was fabulous. We have a camper but our site had plenty of static homes, hard to please DS15 spent most nights playing football/basketball with all the kids that congregate at the sports area. Great Pool area, we hired paddle boards as well as kayaks. Probably one of our best hols and I’m currently looking for next year so watching this thread with interest.

jitterbugintomybrain Tue 12-Nov-19 20:24:01

We were near Alvor in October with teens. We all loved it. Loads of places to eat along the boardwalk and in Alvor. Beach near us was gorgeous. We were bodyboarding in the sea as the waves were crazy.

Daddylonglegs1965 Tue 12-Nov-19 21:29:20

Bonkersblond - that sounds good not so much the daytime activities I couldn’t go in a kayak lol 😂 but the evening activities.

jitterbugintomybrain have visited Alvor before when DC were younger and loved it where did you stay please? Although I am guessing won’t be much accomodation left for Aug hols in Alvor.

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