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Croatia or Sardinia/Corsica ??

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perhapsimight Sat 21-Sep-19 08:10:32

If you've been to Croatia and either Sardinia or Corsica which would be nicer to go back to and why?

Trying to choose, thanks so much

Gunpowder Sat 21-Sep-19 08:30:12

I’ve worked in Corsica and Sardinia and holidayed in Croatia and would choose Corsica/Sardinia in a second! They both have incredible beaches (IME some of the best in the world), stunning scenery and the food is fabulous. Croatia has beautiful scenery and is cheaper but the beaches are mostly stone (and some are concrete) and the food is nowhere near as good.

eavers Sat 21-Sep-19 17:31:29

@gunpowder where would you recommend in Corsica or Sardinia?
Ive seen cheap flights to both but looking at google maps either the beaches are nothing special or they are narrow and really crowded in summer.

Justtheoneplease Sun 29-Sep-19 04:53:09

Been looking ar Sardinia too, any info appreciated.

beanaseireann Sun 29-Sep-19 05:38:23


I've been to Croatia - it was lovely. I went to Hvar and Dubrovnik. I would return to both.
I'd love to go to Corsica and Sardinia.

HelloCheeky Sun 29-Sep-19 05:50:18

We went to Croatia last summer and Corsica this summer. Croatia is beautiful and I was surprised at how clean and unspoilt it was. However Corsica was also stunning and as someone has already mentioned, the food was an awful lot better. Shopping in French supermarkets was such a pleasure and the restaurants great too. I found the food in Croatia limited and expensive.

As a resort I can highly recommend Calvi. Extremely beautiful, beautiful beaches, stunning train rides in the mountains, great food. Everything!

minesagin37 Sun 29-Sep-19 05:58:36

I've been to both Croatia and Corsica and preferred Corsica.

LoveGrowsWhere Mon 30-Sep-19 13:00:04

Been to Corsica & Sardinia but not Croatia.

Beaches south of Porto Vecchio are Caribbean quality, white sand, gently shelving, turquoise sea. Would go back tomorrow.
We preferred the west coast over the east coast of Sardinia as much less windy. We went a few times to a large fine sand cove about 30mins north of Alghero. Pine trees behind and only a couple of shacks doing fresh fish. I can't find a name for it on a map but saw dolphins from the beach.

TheresWaldo Mon 30-Sep-19 13:16:53

Corsica/Sardinia definitely. Beautiful beaches and I found the food very disappointing in Croatia.

Daddylonglegs1965 Mon 30-Sep-19 16:49:51

I really fancied Croatia for a family holiday but it seems to be a minefield deciding where to go.
Those of you who have been to Sardinia and or Corsica was this on family holidays with young children or when single as a couple?
I am looking for somewhere for a family holiday with two teenagers (15 and 16) we have gone to the Algarve and for the last couple of years stayed at the same hotel as they do a lovely big breakfast, we have meals out at different restaurants on an evening, the hotel has fantastic views, a beach down below, a lovely big pool and the animation team do various mixed age activities that the DC enjoyed dipping into and out of throughout the day (particularly the water polo).

pontiouspilates Mon 30-Sep-19 16:53:55

I love Sardinia. Beautiful scenery, great beaches and fabulous food. Croatia did nothing for me, I felt I'd left if 5 years too late to go there.

Daddylonglegs1965 Mon 30-Sep-19 17:27:58

Thanks pontiouspilates I have been wanting to go for about 10 years. Some lovely reviews on T/A and also some very scathing reviews about the Croatian people.
Has anyone holidayed at any of these places or anywhere else with teenagers successfully and if you have would you recommend a particular area/accommodation.

Mustbetimeforachange Mon 30-Sep-19 17:32:25

Neilson have a place in Sardinia, fantastic for teenagers if they like to keep busy (a waste f they want to stay in their rooms on devices!).

Daddylonglegs1965 Mon 30-Sep-19 20:27:45

Thanks they do like to keep busy but for 10 nights not even flying from a local airport for our dates in school hols it’s nearly 10K about 5k over budget.

buttermilkwaffles Mon 30-Sep-19 23:32:55

Haven't been to Sardinia or Corsica yet, but would agree with comments above that the food in Croatia is mostly only average and supermarket choice much more limited than in the UK if self catering. (Very good local olive oil, sheep's cheese and wine though, none of which I have seen in the UK).

Would also agree that it's not the friendliest country I have been to, many people are lovely of course, but I encountered rude and/or grumpy people there much more often than I have in other countries. Just one example of many, the bus driver announcing loudly to the whole bus in English, that "tourists are a big problem for people in Croatia" didn't exactly make us feel welcome. smile

Would still go back though, as it's a beautiful country and self catering accommodation is of a high standard and inexpensive in the shoulder seasons and public transport is cheap, frequent and reliable (buses and ferries). The combination of beaches, mountains and French food does make Corsica sound more appealing to me overall though...

Daddylonglegs1965 Tue 01-Oct-19 07:03:38

Thanks unfortunately due to having teens at school we can’t make the shoulder season for a couple of years.

desperatesux Tue 01-Oct-19 12:00:20

Been to all three, Sardinia last year and Croatia the last few years.
Sardinia been to North (Port Cervo) and South Pula/Chia. Stay away from the north, its like a pretty Marbella and massively expensive. South is stunning, great food, even better wine and the beaches are like something from a magazine. Its half the price of the south but you do need a car as all the beaches are a good 20 minute drive from any towns.
I love Croatia but I agree with a previous poster in that we probably discovered it 10 years too late. it is hugely expensive, food it v v average and the wine worse and it is over run with tourists so they can basically charge whatever they want. They have no industry so the men have to do jobs they view as womens work (waiters) as there is no other work and thats why they are so rude, they see it as beneath them
It is totally stunning though, we went to Hvar and Bol. Hvar is like a dream and we used to get boats to the islands off the island to spend the day and get lunch out there. If you go to Hvar either stay somewhere within walking distance or hire a car as taxis are off the charts. A 10 minute journey would be 50 euros minimum.
Our teens loved it but its not a place for small kids as there are no sandy beaches, Sardinia would be a better option for younger families
We stayed in Airbnb's in both.
I don't see a way to do either on the cheap though unless you eat/drink in 24/7. Europe is so expensive now as no one is going to the North African countries anymore so they ave more visitors than they can cope with. Hotels we went to a few years ago in Italy have doubled in price

sansou Tue 01-Oct-19 21:51:47

Sardinia twice at Whitsun half term, both at the Chia Laguna Resort in the South when the DC were primary aged. The most beautiful white sand beaches I have seen in Europe. Great food. Fantastic for a beach based holiday.
Corsica - Calvi this summer with a teen & preteen. Good food & beaches (not as good as Sardinia imo) and very expensive - no doubt due to the sterling/euro exchange rate.
Never been to Croatia but I'm looking at it for next summer with my teens for an active holiday.

bert3400 Tue 01-Oct-19 21:55:44

Was in Sardinia in June, on the west coast. Absolutely stunning beaches, amazing food & very friendly . Would go back in a heartbeat. You do need a car, but very easy to drive around as not busy.

beanaseireann Wed 02-Oct-19 02:00:43

Any suggestions of places to stay in Corsica please - pool is crucial.

Daddylonglegs1965 Wed 02-Oct-19 19:03:24

Where would you prefer to stay at with teens then please? I think we may have missed the boat with Croatia by the sounds of it and I hate unhelpful/surly attitudes however nice the place is.
We still like to eat out every night happy to have a cheap snack out at lunch if out and about or in accommodation if close by and have breakfast in the accommodation. Need things for the kids to do and some relation time for us. But don’t want the total cost to be 7K plus and ideally didn’t want to hire a car.

timeforawine Wed 02-Oct-19 19:08:37

Place marking for future holidays grin

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