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Is Croatia rammed in August? Any quieter places?

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perhapsimight Thu 19-Sep-19 21:00:55

Please tell me if you know whether it is very busy in August or if you know areas where it might not be sooo busy. I like nature and beaches

perhapsimight Thu 19-Sep-19 22:34:27


Michaelbaubles Thu 19-Sep-19 22:36:38

We went to Istria in August and it was very quiet and peaceful. Seaside towns (Pula/Rovinj) were busy but no more than anywhere and we stayed inland and drove there for day trips. Spent two nights at a cottage where we didn’t even see anyone else the whole time! We chose Istria because we heard Dubrovnik etc are crowded and friends who went there confirmed it.

TheBitchOfTheVicar Thu 19-Sep-19 23:04:09

We went to Ciovo and it was fab. Not too busy but lovely enough. Can't recommend it enough. Was hot tho

wowsaidtheowl Fri 20-Sep-19 18:28:36

If you like nature and some peace, look at Mljet. We stayed in Sobra and it was tiny and quiet. Only a short drive from the stunning national park too.

CyclesPerfecta Fri 20-Sep-19 18:34:22

We stayed near Brela beach end of August. Wasn’t too busy as European schools start on 1 September or even earlier.

And Brela beach and the surrounding areas are beautiful.

FatArse123 Tue 08-Oct-19 14:20:57

I think the beaches may prove problematic, as in my experience there aren't many in Croatia, you have swim off rocks or harbours, so any beaches that do exist are heaving. If you're happy with the rocky/harbour swimming, Lastovo is lovely. If you insist on a beach, Lopud has a lovely one, and wasn't desperately crowded when I went in early July.

I would advise anyone going to Croatia to buy swimming shoes, as urchins are a problem everywhere. You get used to the shoes quickly, and can often find them there for very little.

SandrasAnnoyingFriend Tue 08-Oct-19 14:26:19

Avoid Dubrovnik like the plague, it's awful in summer. Totally ruined by cruise ships.
I'd suggest Slovenia instead and stay near Lake Bohinj, it's way quieter than Lake Bled and the most stunning scenery you'll find. Swimming in the lake trumps any beach.
You can even pop down to the Istrian coast of Croatia for a couple of days to get your fill of the amazing food as it's only a few hours drive.

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