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Can i take food to France on the Ferry?

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sunnyshine Fri 10-Aug-07 17:13:44

A friend has asked if they can take food to france in the car. they want to take food for first night and breakfast plus stuff the kids like, may be some meat and fruit? Anyone know? thanks

lemonaid Fri 10-Aug-07 17:17:55

Yes (assuming no hash brownies or anything like that... ).

At least, normally yes. I don't know if the foot and mouth outbreak has affected anything, but I doubt it.

lapsedrunner Fri 10-Aug-07 18:34:21


Desiderata Fri 10-Aug-07 18:36:36

There's no problem that I know of. They don't check luggage at ferry ports.

slalomsuki Fri 10-Aug-07 19:46:21

I always take food for the first night and the next morning with me on the ferry. Make sure it is in a cool bag it gets very hot in the ferry part where the cars are on the crossing.

I usually freeze what I can and by the time I am there and able to put itin the fridge or eat it it is defrosted and it saves me taking ice blocks. I do this with milk too.

Remember UK bread for toast!!!

dexter73 Tue 14-Aug-07 12:50:00

At the moment there is a temporary ban on the import of meat and dairy products. I had an email from Brittany Ferries and they said:

If you are carrying any such items in your vehicle, then they must be consumed or disposed of prior to boarding.

The authorities in France will carry out random checks upon arrival and if you are found to be carrying such items, even unwittingly, this could lead to a substantial delay in your journey.

slalomsuki Wed 15-Aug-07 16:46:52

I go on Saturday with them to France and have had no such email from them.

I guess they wouldn't want to search my car since it is packed to the gunnels

iamasurvivor Wed 15-Aug-07 17:43:12

glad i spotted this thread, we are going to france on ferry next saturday and didnt think it wud be an issue to take some food

FluffyMummy123 Wed 15-Aug-07 17:43:32

Message withdrawn

iamasurvivor Wed 15-Aug-07 17:44:59

i know that seems a bit dense cod!

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