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Anyone been to Calis Beach nr Fethiye in Turkey

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CountessDracula Tue 07-Aug-07 11:29:14

is it nice?

sarahhal Thu 09-Aug-07 21:38:24

We just went for the day from Fethiye.

This may not be the answer you want but don't seem to remember thinking much of it

My parents have been too and I think that they travelled across to Fethiye most days.

Fethiye was fab though.

Thalia Thu 09-Aug-07 21:49:47

hi. we went to olu deniz in 2003 and really liked it. went to fethiye for the day and swam at calis beach but didn't like it that much and much preferred olu deniz. i can't do links but here is a pretty good photo of the beach at calis, i remember the pebbles were quite dark and it was VERY hot. have fun.

motheroftwoboys Sat 11-Aug-07 15:42:45

Just returned from Lykia World at Olu Deniz. It was FAB!!

Gobbledigook Sat 11-Aug-07 15:56:25

Been there CD - it's lovely as far as I can remember - it was a good 10 years ago! If I remember correctly it's quite small but with a nice little beach and front that you can have a stroll up and down at night.

It's very easy to get the boat over to Fethiye and we did this a few times. Fethiye is lovely - a lovely harbour/marina and lovely, lovely shopping and eating out. From the harbour you can get a 'gullet' (eek, is that right?!) which takes you out for the day, food included, lovely beaches to stop off at. I travelled all the way back sat on the very end of thingy that sticks out the front (blimey at crap at the lingo!). Fab!

JT may have a better memory of it as I went with her!

NadineBaggott Sat 11-Aug-07 16:15:09

Ah yes, t'was a long time ago. As we drove in dh said it was like Beswick with sun! Dusty roads and so on. Our hotel room was quite nice (breakfast was very basic). It's close to the inlet where the dolmus's operate so there are LOTS of mosquitoes - our bathroom looked like a mass murder had occurred in there one night. Dh had more than 40 bites!

Beautiful sunsets and inky blue skies, wonderful local people and we had an excellent time. Cheap meals.

That said I wouldn't go back or recommend it although it will probably have changed a lot in the intervening years. Fethiye as has been said is much nicer but no beach.

Turkey has a beautiful coastline, our boat trip was excellent.

Dalaman airport was a nightmare

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