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A week in October - Greece? Or other suggestions...

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WineOrGin Sun 25-Aug-19 18:48:52

I'm looking to book a week away at the beginning of October with my husband. Looking for a hotel or villa with good views and not far from a beach. I'm pregnant so we want to make the most of a completely chilled week before the baby comes. We like good food, beaches and wandering through nice little towns. Oh and we'd like to treat ourselves to massages.

Any suggestions? We've thought about Greece - which Island would you recommend? And how warm does Greece tend to be in October?

Also considering Sardinia and Sicily.

Thanks for any suggestions

WineOrGin Mon 26-Aug-19 07:12:02


ArtisanPopcorn Mon 26-Aug-19 07:44:28

Malta, Cyprus, Canaries? That's where I plan to go if I book an October half term holiday.

zafferana Mon 26-Aug-19 14:29:56

Cyprus is still warm in October and would be lovely for a babymoon. I don't know about Greek Islands, sorry!

NoisyBrain Mon 26-Aug-19 16:48:33

If you're going to the Greek islands in October and want the best chance of good weather, head South East.

I stayed in a little place called Haraki on Rhodes in mid-October, 15 or so years ago. It was really chilled out, with a lovely pebble/sand beach and a castle up on the hill at one end of the bay. The weather was wonderful - warm but not boiling, chilly-ish in the evening. It was a short bus ride from Lindos, which in October was quieter and lovely to wander round.

If you want somewhere a bit more upmarket with spa type facilities then take a look at hotels in Rhodes Town. The old town is an amazing place to explore - so much history.

I don't work for the Rhodes Tourist board or anything grin

soulrider Mon 26-Aug-19 19:02:40

We're looking to go away around the same time and looking at similar areas - a colleague who is from Sicily advises the weather can be hit and miss in October, the same for Sardinia.

We normally holiday later so normally stick to the Canaries or Madeira but was hoping by being a bit earlier in the year there'd be a few more sunny options

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