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Why is Spain so expensive?

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UrsulaPandress Sun 25-Aug-19 16:55:59

Looking at a short break next February/March with a friend. I suggested Venice and googled holidays and got lots of suggestions around the £250 mark for a 4 day midweek break. I’ve been several times so thought I’d look at other places so googled Barcelona and got lots of suggestions around £750.

I’m confused.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 25-Aug-19 16:56:48

School holiday?

walkintheparc Sun 25-Aug-19 16:57:59

Looking in the wrong place or way too last minute. Barcelona is really well priced, Italy is very expensive! The more south of Spain you go the cheaper it gets.

SJane48S Sun 25-Aug-19 16:59:02

Try somewhere else - Barcelona is very very popular! Take a look at Seville

walkintheparc Sun 25-Aug-19 16:59:15

What are you actually looking for? If it's just a break in Barcelona book flights on Ryanair or similar and then a hotel separately on

UrsulaPandress Sun 25-Aug-19 17:01:01

I was just idly curious as not till next Spring. Put same dates in for both Venice and Barcelona and was surprised by the £500 difference.

Thatsnotmyname4291 Sun 25-Aug-19 17:02:20

Well that’s not Spain, that’s Barcelona. Other parts may well be cheaper.

B is a popular winter break destination so prices don’t dip. I believe the weather in Venice in Feb is not so nice.

Try other parts of Spain, Canaries, Balearics etc.

Titsywoo Sun 25-Aug-19 17:02:37

250 per person? I managed that in Barcelona by renting an apartment through or something like that and flying easyjet but there were 6 of us which makes accommodation cheaper as we shared 3 rooms.

SleepyKat Sun 25-Aug-19 17:02:38

Is that period Spanish school holidays or a national holiday there but not a holiday in Italy?

SJane48S Sun 25-Aug-19 17:02:49

Venice regularly gets flooded Feb/March which may help explain the difference!

UrsulaPandress Sun 25-Aug-19 17:04:36


CountFosco Sun 25-Aug-19 17:04:44

How likely is it that Venice will flood at that time? We're going to Italy in October and Venice is much cheaper than Rome or Florence because it's much cooler and Oct/Nov is the worst time for flooding. So it might just be Venice being cheap.

stucknoue Sun 25-Aug-19 17:05:07

Venice is likely to be underwater in February whereas is pleasantly mild in Spain. For a winter break in Italy try Taormina in Sicily (Catania airport)

YouWillShoutAtMeNow Sun 25-Aug-19 17:05:10

I bet you won't actually be staying where you hope in Venice for that price.. You will be in some not so nice district that will require lots of travelling. It's definitely the case when looking at Groupon deals etc.

Mistigri Sun 25-Aug-19 17:07:01

Go to Seville. Cheaper and warmer than Barcelona. Stay in the old town and you can walk everywhere.

UrsulaPandress Sun 25-Aug-19 17:10:58

I’ve done Taormina.

Lovely place.

SJane48S Sun 25-Aug-19 17:20:53

Venice floods (just fact checked!) about 4 times annually between winter and spring, Oct-Jan being the most common but not out of the question then Feb-March. Venice is much nicer (crowd/heat wise) out of summer season @CountFosco. Taormina is very pretty and would also be nicer out of packed summer season - accommodation is pricier there than Ortigia (also Sicily) which would personally would be my favourite if the OP was looking at Sicily. But back to Spain, as well as Seville perhaps look at Granada? Southern Spain would be warmer than Venice and Northern Italy early spring. Both are very attractive cities with lots to see

UrsulaPandress Sun 25-Aug-19 18:27:21

Stayed in Syracuse last September. Gorgeous place.

CountFosco Mon 26-Aug-19 08:02:37

Venice is much nicer (crowd/heat wise) out of summer season @CountFosco.

I'd say that was true of all of Italy and Spain! I've been to Venice a few of times, probably my favourite place. The flooding generally isn't that noticeable but there was a big flood last October so that has probably affected the prices as well.

CountFosco Mon 26-Aug-19 08:04:09

Oh, agree about Granada, it's lovely and the Alhambra is magical. Keep meaning to do a proper tour of Andalucia and visit Granada, Seville, Cadiz etc.

TeacherDeMFL Mon 26-Aug-19 12:44:25

Because Venice and Barcelona are major tourist destinations and you’re travelling at peak times

Chilledout11 Mon 26-Aug-19 12:51:42

Barcelona can be expensive as it is a cruise destination do flights to the city are popular. Would you try Lisbon or Santiago de Compestela

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