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Long weekend in september for my birthday!

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Mojitomogul Sun 25-Aug-19 14:02:30

Where should we go? Somewhere no more than 3 hours from gatwick. It's late september so preferably somewhere still warm, and we will be spending three days there. Have been to Amsterdam and Warsaw and enjoy sightseeing but also a chilled vibe with lots of eating and drinking! Hit me with some inspiration! TIA.

sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 25-Aug-19 14:38:36

barcelona? its a 3 hour flight x

Mojitomogul Sun 25-Aug-19 14:39:45

Been there with work and although its lovely want to try somewhere new and a bit quieter x

GrimDamnFanjo Sun 25-Aug-19 14:42:01


Clayhead Sun 25-Aug-19 14:52:26


Carolwithane Sun 25-Aug-19 14:53:29


sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 25-Aug-19 15:00:01

ah ok, maybe Faro?

tararabumdeay Sun 25-Aug-19 15:08:40

What about Granada? The Alhambra is spectacular.

wibbletooth Sun 25-Aug-19 15:34:12

Bologna - beautiful city to wander around, but very foodie so loads of amazing places to eat and watch the world go by.

Also was really well built hundreds of years ago so that all the main streets are built so that the the pavements are overhung by the first floor of the buildings so that even when it’s really hot you can wander around/sit at a cafe without being in the bright sunshine - really sensible.

countdowntonap Sun 25-Aug-19 15:52:08

Does it need to be a city break? I’d recommend Ibiza Town (or Talamanca just on the outskirts if you want a beach). The old town is interesting to explore day or night, there are some excellent restaurants if you’re a foodie, and you can visit the stunning Formentera (looks even better than the pictures show - google it!) via a 30 minute ferry from the port in Ibiza Town.
Taxi from the airport is €10 to the town, a short easy journey so that you can make the most of your mini-break.

countdowntonap Sun 25-Aug-19 15:54:07

Pic of Formentera, although recommend you google for more smile

Mummyshark2018 Sun 25-Aug-19 15:58:57


Lunaballoon Sun 25-Aug-19 16:05:47


SJane48S Sun 25-Aug-19 16:53:35

Verona - 2 hr flight from Gatwick and has its own airport. Beautiful city that doesn’t get the volume of people that nearby Venice does. Enough to do for 2/3 days. There’s plenty of places to eat/drink out in charming squares including the main square with an old Roman amphitheater in the middle of it. Split would be nice for a couple of days too and has a charming old town with winding streets. a beautiful harbour backed by a Roman palace and a relaxed vibe. Can think of quite a few other places, particularly in Italy (would agree Bologna is nice, good food!). I know Lisbon is really popular with many Mumsnetters but I just don’t get it myself - it was fine but really didn’t blow me away & I didn’t like the food. Would 2nd whoever has suggested Seville though!

Shortfeet Sun 25-Aug-19 17:42:06

Check Jet2 for city breaks

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