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Sunshine holiday but lake not sea - recommend me somewhere?

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IHeartKingThistle Sun 25-Aug-19 07:46:20

We usually go on villa holidays to Majorca or a Greek island. DH loves the hot weather, I love the privacy and the DC love the pool.

DS (10) had eczema very badly until he was around 3. His skin has been fab since then but he won't go in the sea as it stings the backs of his legs - we don't know but suspect that the heavy duty steroid ointment he had to use may have thinned his skin a bit there. He doesn't mind but he does miss out a bit when we go to the beach.

So I'm wondering if we can find a hot, not too crowded, lovely holiday on a European lake somewhere? Any ideas?

Ylvamoon Sun 25-Aug-19 07:51:32

Not sure when you want to go... But I can recommend Lake Constance (German side). It's huge with a fantastic Alpine backdrop. There is plenty of swimming (free!), lounging and day trip opportunities.

ThisIsNotARealAvo Sun 25-Aug-19 07:54:24

Lake Garda in Italy is lovely for holidays but I don't think you can guarantee hot sunshine. When we went in August about 5 years ago we had some hot days, some wet days and some warm days.

stucknoue Sun 25-Aug-19 08:09:28

There's lots of family oriented camp sites in the Italian lakes, we had a lodge with air con- we drove visiting the German castles one way and Heidelberg the other.

OliviaBenson Sun 25-Aug-19 08:22:47

Lake Bled?

Intheshadeoftrees Sun 25-Aug-19 08:27:47


BarberaofSeville Sun 25-Aug-19 08:31:56

Lac Lëman (Lake Geneva) is gorgeous, so much to do, two countries bordering it so some cultural variety, and stunning mountain scenery.

TapasForTwo Sun 25-Aug-19 08:32:39

Lake Garda. Both times I have been were in August, and both times it was wall to wall sunshine and 30 degrees.

rrg1 Sun 25-Aug-19 08:43:05

Another vote for Lac de Vassivière it's in a National park and close to Limoges with cheap Ryanair flights

HaroldThatsEnough Sun 25-Aug-19 08:53:21

Inthshade we live a few minutes from Lac de Vassivière! It is truly beautiful. Because it is in a part of France which has yet to be discovered by tourists (Limousin), the majority of visitors are French and it rarely gets busy. The walk across to the island is beautiful, and there are activities on all summer. Good food including summer pop ups. There is so much to explore within a couple of hours, beautiful medieval towns, castles, festivals and events almost every day and although France isn't cheap, prices are nothing like the well known European lakes. Lots of fascinating war history as this area was a centre of the French Resistance.

There are no crowds, and the roads are quiet. In terms of weather, there's been virtually no rain since June, and (aside from the record breaking heatwave spell!) the weather has been perfect, so the high 20s to low 30s.

Intheshadeoftrees Sun 25-Aug-19 09:29:42


Yep, it is lovely - lucky you.

IHeartKingThistle Sun 25-Aug-19 10:38:34

Ooh lots of googling to do, thank you!

MrsBertBibby Sun 25-Aug-19 10:44:44

Lac de St Cassien in Provence?

Lovely area, Grasse and lots of hilltop villages to explore, within reach of the coast if you want. Hot as you like!

Branleuse Sun 25-Aug-19 10:51:49

Lac de chalain in the jura region of france is stunningly beautiful, and the limousin in france has several beautiful lakes with beach areas. Lac de st pardoux and lac vassiviere.

France is quite good for lake beaches. They often have lifeguards surveillance too.

ifeellikeanidiot Sun 25-Aug-19 15:22:53

We've just come back from lake garda. Best family holiday we've ever had. We were on the south of the lake which is quite busy- north of the lake is meant to be quieter.

SJane48S Sun 25-Aug-19 16:57:37

Lake Bled (v picturesque setting in the mountains, bluey green lake with an island with a castle in the middle of it). Won’t break the bank and if you like to be active then there’s lots to do! Lake Garda is lovely, different vibe to Bled and would be more expensive but the views are wonderful

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