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Does this exist?

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SmartPlay Fri 23-Aug-19 23:36:29

I was there once, at golden beach, and it was beautiful. The sea was awesome - so silky soft!
But it's almost exclusively a tourist area, so you won't find much of typical local cuisine.

Cheap doesn't mean bad quality, just as expensive doesn't mean good quality ;) It's cheap, because the price level is low in Bulgaria. I paid around 800 pounds at the end of september for a week for 2 people all inclusive. It was a simple hotel, but great concerning cleanliness, food, service. So don't let the cheap price put you off, thinking it means it will be bad ;)

SinittasDancers Fri 23-Aug-19 23:11:25

Thanks, just checked it out - looks very cheap! Is that good or bad?! Re. all-inclusive, I don't mind just going half-board and finding local restaurants as long as they're near and not serving fry-ups/chicken in a basket....

SmartPlay Fri 23-Aug-19 21:31:01

Except for the authentic food .... Bulgaria, Black Sea, All Inclusive.

SinittasDancers Fri 23-Aug-19 19:53:48

I'm looking for a holiday for summer 2020, shorthaul, pref flights, transfers, hotel included - I don't want to hire a car. Walking distance to beach/restaurants (10 mins max as husband has mobility problems), not hugely expensive (eg found somewhere that fit the bill in Corsica - it was 12k for 10 days!!!). And 'naice' - authentic local food and doesn't feel like it's just full of Brits.

Does this actually exist?

Thanks for any suggestions

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