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Britax TWE on British Airways

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TreaclePumpkin Fri 23-Aug-19 17:14:27

Does anyone know whether a Britax Two Way Elite fits in a British Airways plane seat?

Don't know the plane we will be on (but flying London Gatwick to Faro, Portugal) - BA say seat width is 45cm on their website and I understand TWE is slightly over that at certain parts.

linentowel Fri 23-Aug-19 19:17:24

Taking a car seat onboard is a complete pain in the arse. Can you just check it in. It’s such a short flight.

Very few seats are actually compatible with a plane seat and seat belt. I’d say if it’s bigger than the BA size, it won’t fit. Can you check flight guru for the flight to see if it gives more seat info?

DreamingofSunshine Wed 28-Aug-19 11:27:01

It's very hard to find a carseat that will go on a plane in the UK. We used a harness that was CAA approved for when DS was under 2 but had his own seat, but you can only sit in the back row of the plane.

TreaclePumpkin Sat 21-Sep-19 21:38:26

Just by the way, we used the TWE on the plane - no issues 😊. Other car seat was checked in as we didn't have a seat for the baby. Checking in probably is easier - but taking it on the plane wasn't bad/difficult - just slightly more of a faff.

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