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Greek Island Hopping with Family

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flippyfloppy Tue 20-Aug-19 13:26:42

Hi there,

Considering this for next summer. Anyone any experience of doing it with children (they will be 12 and 9). Would love recommended routes. I fancy a culture visit first, either Athens or an old town... possibly Rhodes?... then on from there looking at 14-16 nights total.

countdowntonap Wed 21-Aug-19 21:14:17

We did Mykonos>Syros>Tinos>Mykonos this year and it was fab! Lots of families were using the ferries, including some with very young children, and they run frequently throughout the islands.
We’re doing it again next year, just need to decide whether to fly to Mykonos again to explore more of the Cyclades, or fly to Athens for a mini city break before moving onto a different set of islands.

Ffsnosexallowed Wed 21-Aug-19 21:16:48

Haven't done it but would love to. If try to include Kephalonia (which I think is the most beautiful place on earth!), Ithaca and Zante

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