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Confused re make up in my hand luggage

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StormyLovesOdd Thu 15-Aug-19 20:24:06

I'm confused, we're flying to Spain on Sunday I know everything has to be in 100ml (or smaller) bottles but what about things like powder blusher and eyeshadow and roll on deodorant can I put them in my hand luggage?

We're flying with Ryanair and I've looked on their website but I'm still confused

Pastaalldaylong Thu 15-Aug-19 20:25:59

Only liquids needs to be 100ml or less. Powder and eyeshadow do not have to to in the liquids bag.

PrincessSarene Thu 15-Aug-19 20:29:10

Powders, pencils etc. can all go in hand luggage as normal. Anything that is liquid, even a paste, can be carried in hand luggage but needs to be put separately in the plastic bag for security. That includes roll on deodorant, mascara, foundation, concealer, eyeliner pencils etc.

ImogenTubbs Thu 15-Aug-19 20:30:01

Blusher does not count as a liquid. Stick deodorant does not count as a liquid but a roll on one that has liquid in the bottle does. Lipstick is a bit of a grey area - my mum had this confiscated but I've been told it doesn't count. Foundation, concealer, mascara all count as liquids. (I travel a lot and have a system! grin)

NannyR Thu 15-Aug-19 20:31:05

The restrictions only apply to liquids, pastes and gels. This is a helpful website.

crustycrab Thu 15-Aug-19 20:33:14

Have you got a bag going in the hold? Just stick it all in there if you have

StormyLovesOdd Thu 15-Aug-19 20:33:59

Thank you, so I can take my normal make up bag with blusher and powders and a see through bag for the liquids. If something is in a small tube (like mascara) but doesn't have the size on it is that okay as it's obviously less than 100ml

StormyLovesOdd Thu 15-Aug-19 20:35:17

Don't want to put it in the hold, I like my make up and feel better if I'm carrying it 😁. Yes I know I'm weird

HundredMilesAnHour Thu 15-Aug-19 20:37:31

Lipstick is a bit of a grey area - my mum had this confiscated but I've been told it doesn't count.

It depends on the airport. London City are particularly militant about lipsticks and they need to be in the see-through bag or you get an ear-bashing. wink

crustycrab Thu 15-Aug-19 20:37:53

If it's obviously less than 100ml it will be fine. It's a max of 10 items and they might make you swap your see through bag for one of theirs

Trumpton Thu 15-Aug-19 20:40:02

Lipsticks are classed as liquid.
In my plastic see through resealable bag

in 50ml bottles
Body wash
Body moisturiser

In small screw pots
Hair gel
Face moisturiser

Make up
Cream blusher
Tiny perfume atomiser
Roll on deodorant
Lip salve sun screen

In separate bag that can stay in hand luggage
Powder eyeshadow
Small sewing kit
Soap bar

Take an empty refillable water bottle and get it filled at any bar/ cafe airside .
Buy sunscreen airside from Boots .

Remember you have to comply to same rules on way back .

I live off shore and fly about 30 flights a year.

Make sure your luggage is the right size or they will hammer you !


crustycrab Thu 15-Aug-19 20:40:04

Also if you really really don't want it in the hold make sure you aren't at the back of the queue getting on the plane as you may well find your hand luggage put in there regardless

StormyLovesOdd Thu 15-Aug-19 20:47:12

Thanks everyone Trumpton that's really helpful and a great idea re the refillable water bottle.

We're flying from Birmingham if that makes any difference

RainOrSun Thu 15-Aug-19 20:51:47

crustycrab it's not limited to 10 items at any point I've ever gone through.
No more than 100ml per bottle, and the bag must close, but you could have 20 tiny bottle, afaik.

OP: as others have said, powders are fine. The roll-on needs to go in the liquids bag.

HundredMilesAnHour Thu 15-Aug-19 21:28:43

*it's not limited to 10 items at any point I've ever gone through.
No more than 100ml per bottle, and the bag must close, but you could have 20 tiny bottle, afaik.*

The 10 items rule comes from 10 x 100ml = 1 litre as one litre is the maximum liquids allowed as hand luggage on flights. This is also limited due to the clear bag size as the bag can't be any bigger than 20cm x 20cm. So if you have lots of liquid items smaller than 100ml, you'll be fine as long as they fit in a sealed (!) 20cm x 20cm clear bag.

I used to fly overseas a lot (my record was 25 flights in a 3 week period) and I keep a clear bag with duplicates of everything I use in my carry-on bag so it's all set up and ready to go. I also swap out some things for solid versions to streamline the whole process where I can so I always use a stick deodorant when I travel, take soap rather than shower gel etc.

EvilPostbox Thu 15-Aug-19 21:37:19

I just put all my makeup into a clear plastic makeup bag (not the bags at the airport). London City got a bit agitated about my loose face powder but relented after testing it for explosives.

crustycrab Thu 15-Aug-19 22:03:36

Sorry I should've said 10 x 100ml

Myimaginarycathasfleas Thu 15-Aug-19 22:14:57

Anything that is vaguely liquid has to be put in your plastic bag and be under 100ml.

I've had Marmite confiscated before now. On our most recent trip I had a pack of halloumi in my hand luggage. After much consideration the security guy decided it was OK because it was solid. Soft cheese wouldn't have been. Bonkers.

Why not put most of your make up in your case and just carry a lipstick and mascara for the journey if you think you'll need it?

EvilPostbox Thu 15-Aug-19 22:48:51

I take my whole daily makeup in hand luggage in case checked bags are lost. It’s not a huge amount - foundation, concealer, powder, blusher, eyeshadow, mascara - but it would be annoying if I lost it all on an outbound trip. Buying a clear plastic makeup bag saves you the time decanting everything into the plastic bags at the airport.

SJane48S Fri 16-Aug-19 14:36:10

Unfortunately it's only one clear plastic bag. Last time we went through, some poor woman with multiple bags was having to throw some very expensive looking make up away!

BubblesBuddy Mon 19-Aug-19 14:43:16

Lots of countries don’t like food imports or exports in luggage. Spain can be hit on this as us USA. Marmite is food and possibly classed as a liquid. If in doubt put it in the hold! Put most make up in the hold but keep necessities with you. Liquids in one clear bag and it has to be the size they supply.

If you are that bothered about make up, might I suggest losing all your clothes might be worse! Hopefully nothing like that will happen.

BubblesBuddy Mon 19-Aug-19 14:44:14

Spain can be hot on this as can USA!

Eustasiavye Mon 26-Aug-19 18:32:55

It all has to fit in one clear bag, the ones they hand out at the airport and it has to fasten. Otherwise they can, and do, make you throw items away.

heyholetsgogogo Tue 03-Sep-19 18:36:16

If they still have the little foil seals on. Put the lids to one side- gets more in the bag.

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