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Daughters passport ran out! Anyway to travel without a passport

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seriouslylong Tue 13-Aug-19 09:04:09

My daughter is 12 years old, I booked a holiday for one week from today and didn't realise the passport has ran out. It only expired in June this year.

Is there anyway to travel with any other form of Id without a passport? She is going to Spain?

Eleanorshellstrop1 Tue 13-Aug-19 09:05:26

No, you can go to the passport office to get a new one the same day

Chitarra Tue 13-Aug-19 09:07:32

Eek. You can use the 1 week fast track service but it still might not arrive in time.

BikeRunSki Tue 13-Aug-19 09:07:56

Make an appointment at a passport office, get all the palereork in order and go and wait!

flowery Tue 13-Aug-19 09:09:11

”No, you can go to the passport office to get a new one the same day”

Not for children you can’t.

Use the fast track one week service OP, it may arrive quicker.

TattiePants Tue 13-Aug-19 13:10:00

@seriouslylong I did the same thing 2 weeks ago (but with both DC's passports) and had a thread on here.

You can't have same day renewals for children but I made an appointment for last Monday at the passport office for the 1 week fast track service. The appointment took 5 minutes (make sure you have photos and documents complete) and the passports arrived two days later on the Wednesday. It cost about £130 per DC.

cleowasmycat Tue 13-Aug-19 13:13:45

My daughter missed a holiday with her dad due to this. They will not issue a childs passport in one day - appt or not. We did the fast track one week and got the passport 4 days later.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Thu 15-Aug-19 13:22:05

She cannot travel without a passport. You will have to renew it fast track and hope for the best.

millimat Sat 17-Aug-19 14:31:38

Op have you got it?

seriouslylong Mon 19-Aug-19 08:08:04

Hi everyone yes I got t thank you smile

I had the appointment weds and it arrived Friday smile

CottonSock Mon 19-Aug-19 08:12:12

This happened to me as a kid, arrived at check in and parents told I was now supposed to have my own passport not be on mums (1980s). Parents frantic but we were allowed to fly. Times changed now! Glad you got sorted

swissmilk Mon 19-Aug-19 08:43:39

That's good news!

Otherpeoplesteens Mon 19-Aug-19 13:52:27

Whenever I read a thread like this one of the things that baffles me is the level of resistance in the UK to a national identity card which, within the EU (yes, I know...) would be good enough for travel. It would be unthinkable to let one of those expire by accident.

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