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Naples, with one day on Amalfi coast, which town?

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Thunderpunt Fri 09-Aug-19 08:37:15

Hi, we are spending a few days in Naples early September and would like to do a day trip to somewhere on the Amalfi coast. We will be traveling by train out of central Naples.

Which town would you recommend we head to? Would like somewhere pretty to mooch around, possibly a couple of hours on a beach/marina/by the water, and somewhere with a view to eat. Obviously also needs to be accessible by train from Naples.

We were considering Amalfi itself but I can’t see a direct train link.

Any advice or suggestions welcomed


girlywhirly Sat 10-Aug-19 21:07:29

As far as I am aware, you can get the train from Naples to Sorrento, and then get a tourist bus from there to Positano. As it is on the cliff side, you will need to walk down through the streets to get to the beach. Quite posh designer shops on the way down! You then have to walk all the way back up, but there is no way the bus can get down there! It is very picturesque though. There are places to eat with sea views and we enjoyed a calzone pizza virtually on the beach. It will need some planning to get the timings right for buses and train back to Naples.

Wintersnowdrop Sat 10-Aug-19 21:18:12

Sorrento would be easy from Naples. There’s a regional train service that goes from Naples to Sorrento and stops at Pompei and Herculaneum, and takes between 45mins and an hour and a quarter.

BubblesBuddy Sun 11-Aug-19 04:43:26

I would go to Pompeii or Herculaneum. They are amazing!

girlywhirly Sun 11-Aug-19 13:16:55

You will need a whole day at Pompeii. Aim to get to the gates by opening before all the coach parties descend! So will be an early start from Naples.

Campervan69 Sun 11-Aug-19 14:36:49

Sorrento is lovely. We spent our honeymoon there. I'd go there if you've only got one day.

Thunderpunt Mon 12-Aug-19 14:43:08

Thanks all, looks like Sorrento is our best bet then. We are very familiar with Napoli itself and have done Pompei a couple of times, so a trip to the coast is what we fancied doing. Thanks again for the advice

Underparmummy Thu 15-Aug-19 08:58:50

From Molo Beverello which is very near the centre you can get boats to all the islands for day trip options...

Early September is such a lovely time to visit that area!

timeforakinderworld Thu 15-Aug-19 10:07:27

Positano is lovely but a pain to get to. Sorrento is really the only place on that line that you'd want to visit for a beach.

Gone2far Fri 16-Aug-19 08:35:20

Salerno, with a day in Paestum.

GreyGardens88 Fri 16-Aug-19 13:30:38

Sorrento is not on the Amalfi Coast. I would definitely recommend Positano, spend the morning on the beach and then have a walk around the town in the afternoon. The views are breathtaking

TapasForTwo Fri 16-Aug-19 16:14:22

I would get a ferry if you want to visit Positano or Amalfi. Bear in mind the area isn't great for beaches. They are tiny, and at the bottom of a cliff in Sorrento. I think you have to pay to use the beach as well.

Itsabeautifuldaytosavelives123 Sat 17-Aug-19 22:37:18

Sorrento is the easiest to reach from Naples, but it's much more worthwhile going to Positano, or better still, Ravello, the most beautiful of all the small towns. You need to visit Villa Cimbrone for the best of the views, infinity terrace was spectacular.

Itsabeautifuldaytosavelives123 Sat 17-Aug-19 22:38:21

Salerno is a city, we went twice, but can't say I'd recommend it at all hmm

Itsabeautifuldaytosavelives123 Sat 17-Aug-19 22:41:18

Adding to add that I see it has to be accessible by train, only Sorrento has a train on that stretch, but easy to get a bus after that. The views over the bay of Naples is nice, and you can see Vesuvius, it's a small Italian town, but I really preferred the other coastal towns.

SkyscraperGirl Sat 17-Aug-19 22:47:44

Sorento is good but nothing compares to Ravello- by far and away the most beautiful place in the Amalfi Coast hands down. I would urge you to try and go op, and visit Villa Cimbrone in particular.

Positano and Amalfi are great but very touristy.

You can get the train from Naples to Sorrento and then I would catch a ferry to Amalfi which is 10 minutes away from Ravello.

ZenNudist Sun 18-Aug-19 23:36:50

Amalfi plus trip inland to ravello? Or boat trip to see positano and amalfi (for lunch / dinner).

Theres bog all to do in either. Really.

Id go to capri. Boat trip round the island, go to anacapri and get the cable car up mt solero is amazing views, so much natural beauty. Maybe dinner in capri town.

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