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getting toddler to sit down for take off and landing - how?!

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happyhat Thu 02-Aug-07 16:01:01

Does anyone know whether they provide special seat belts for toddlers on flights? going with Ryanairsoon and it's the first time ds will have own seat. no way on earth he will stay still for take off unless strapped to his seat.

barbamama Thu 02-Aug-07 16:02:16

yes they give you special child seat belts that connect onto the normal one. it is still really hard to get them to sit down though. We found putting a small cushion or rolled up jacket or something underneath helped as he could then see out of the window and was cistracted by everything.

PhoenixSongbird Thu 02-Aug-07 16:03:15

We flew easyjet in may with 2yo, and they just had the normal lap belt. Get the steward to 'tell him off' if hr won't wear it! This worked with dd. Also colouring books and sticker books were a godsend.

belgo Thu 02-Aug-07 16:03:15

If he has his own seat, maybe you can take the car seat with you and strap him into that - you'll have to make sure you're allowed to do this though.

I always have a battle getting my kids to sit still.

barbamama Thu 02-Aug-07 16:03:43

Oh and the crew tend to be really militant and have a go at you if the child stands on the seat at anytime - you feel like saying well you get him to effing sit down the whole time then! I do think it helps them to be able to see out (like they could when they sat on your laps) esp at the airport if you are waiting on the tarmac.

bozza Thu 02-Aug-07 16:03:43

But isn't everyone strapped in for take off? Or are you saying that the standard lapbelt will not be enough and he will undo it/escape from it.

I very much doubt that they will provide anything for you. If you are concerned I would consider taking reins that could then be fixed to the seat somehow. I think my reins came with attachments for fastening to high chairs etc.

bozza Thu 02-Aug-07 16:04:27

How old is he? Does he have his own seat?

bozza Thu 02-Aug-07 16:04:56

Just reread OP, yes he does have his own seat. So I imagine it will be just lapbelt.

belgo Thu 02-Aug-07 16:05:11

my dds can easily escape from the standard seatbelts.

aDad Thu 02-Aug-07 16:06:35

Will just have a regular belt.

I would use bribery. And tactical release of something like a sticker book or magazine he has never seen before.

Usually the worrying about these things is always worse than the actual event.

LilyLoo Thu 02-Aug-07 16:07:52

i just bought some books and cd's for dd 2 when we fly next week. Hopefully she will listen to that for take off and landing, otherwise colouring books, reading books, small toys, sweets.

binklehasflipped Thu 02-Aug-07 16:09:19

if he has his own seat then he will just have a standard seat belt. Diversion is the key I think. Something for him to suck on take-off and landing (sugar free lolly?) and maybe something to colour in or a travel game like hungry hippos or similiar

Dropdeadfred Thu 02-Aug-07 16:11:44

Just tell him that everyone has to sit down until the stewardesses say you can take your belt off...whats the problem?
I flew with dd3 aged 2 yrs exactly and she was great.

belgo Thu 02-Aug-07 16:13:45

dropdeadfred - easier said then done! You obviously have great children.

itwasntme Thu 02-Aug-07 16:15:36

I'm another great advocate for bribery. I ALWAYS get some kind of new distraction... sticker book/ small toy/ something dd has never seen, for take off and landing, plus a lolly pop or a carton of juice. (It's not every day they fly). They need something to keep them distracted for a good while, as you never know how long the plane will be on the runway for.

I have also used the warning of a telling off from a steward before.

The children I have seen having tantrums or being difficult on planes are generally the ones with parents who are not well prepared.

happyhat Thu 02-Aug-07 16:29:53

dropdeadfred - all i can say is you are v lucky! they are all different ...
don't think car seat (big maxicosi thing) would fit. bribery it is

Dropdeadfred Thu 02-Aug-07 17:16:30

Oh...belive me she got bored on the three hour flight and wanted to get up and wander but she was brilliant at sitting down when told cos she she saw that everyone else had to as well. We made a big show of having to sit down ourselves and strap in...that helped alot I think.

Also..we bought rolls of stickers and let her peel them off and stick them on herself, us, a book and paper ( and the plane but don't tell BA - I think we got most of them off!!)

We had a small bag of tiny things that she hadn't had before..some just costing pence really but they held her attention.

Good luck - I didn't mean to sound smug.

happyhat Thu 02-Aug-07 17:22:03

stickers are a good one. you have every right to be smug! he is good really but sitting still rarely happens for long and almost never at crucial moments.

blueshoes Thu 02-Aug-07 17:34:49

If they are 2 and above, they need their own seat. And they need to sit in it belted up. I wanted my non-sitting 2 year old to sit on my lap with that special belt that loops onto my own. But was not allowed.

Don't belt up until the absolute last minute. Then attack with secret stash of new toys, snacks, treats. Not all at once, but to reel out as and when attention wanes.

Hey, if they are still bf-ing, then that's the best tactic. But only for below 2s, unless your boobs can travel to the other seat.

sAurorhal Thu 02-Aug-07 19:35:48

Glad I found this thread as I have a Ryanair under two dilemma!!

DS2 turns two whilst we are away. Decided just to buy him a normal(ie not infant) ticket for both ways as at least he will get a luggage allowance and a seat and would have to buy a return leg full price anyway. Have now read small print clearly and it looks like you can't have a seat for under two even if you pay for it. It'll be a nightmare having him on our knees all the way to Italy, but worse is not having a baggage allowance as we have to take his travel cot!

Do you think they will check if he is under two on the way out? Have bought the damn ticket now and you know what Ryanair are like for not refunding anything! AAh, wish I had never bothered booking the holiday now.

mckenzie Thu 02-Aug-07 19:47:53

we bought a book called Amazing Aeroplanes by Tony Milton and Ant Parker, published by Kingfisher, it was about £3 or £4.

It's set in rhyme with great pictures and expalins what happens when you go the airport to check in, what you must do on the plane, what the captain does etc. DS (and I!) knew it off by the heart and he was even telling me to sit down and put my seat belt on otherwise the captain wouldn't be able to fly the plane

Wheelybug Thu 02-Aug-07 19:50:06

sAurorhal - I think you will only have to have him on your lap for take off and landing thats all they insist on for under 2s.

funnypeevesculiar Thu 02-Aug-07 19:53:35

we have
- lots of new, WRAPPED small items - the unwrapping always creates excitment (even if what's inside is dull ) and slows the process down. WE take enough to 'cover' takeoff & landing both ways & nearly always have 'spare' left over for next flight
- unusual snacks - eg this year, dried banana slices. Also helps equalise ears against ear pressure.

Flew to US & back with ds & dd ... and American airlines have no lapstraps - they are not recommended for safety reasons in US apparently - so dd had a fab time being passed between parents

belgo Thu 02-Aug-07 20:09:55

agree about the wrapped present, my dds love them

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