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Balearics Oct half term? Risk with the weather?

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VirginiaCreeper Fri 19-Jul-19 17:02:07

I had a full week of rain in Majorca in October once.
The Algarve is geographically similar.
If you want playing in the pool warmth you need to go further south. I would go to the Canaries if I wanted a beach / pool holiday in October.

TapasForTwo Thu 18-Jul-19 23:15:56

Hit and miss again. You are more likely to get better weather in the Canaries. Don't forget that the days are much shorter as well. When DD and I went to Rome one October half term it was getting dark by about 5pm. It was warm - about 21 degrees, which was ideal for sightseeing, but not pool weather.

Elloello Thu 18-Jul-19 23:11:58

Hmm all good points. What about the algarve?

stucknoue Thu 18-Jul-19 20:45:47

It's 50/50 by then but you can get storms in the canaries too. Crete/Cyprus/Sicily are further south than Ibiza, I've dive Greece the week before half term and it was hot

FredaFox Thu 18-Jul-19 20:21:56

I worked in ibiza, by half term most places are half shut, weather is hit and miss, South Majorca is year round so should still have most places open but ibiza and Majorca will be shutting up for winter by then

ovenchips Thu 18-Jul-19 20:18:32

@Elloello I think it's a gamble. Half-term in our local authority this year (don't know about yours) is set as the last week of October which is pretty darn late in the season for the Med.

We went to Mallorca for a few days at Oct half-term last year. We had absolutely torrential rain every day but the one we arrived on. It was very wet everywhere on Med I seem to remember - think Rome flooded etc. So not typical. However, it did happen and we were sat indoors for an awfully big chunk of the holiday. There are no guarantees of the weather at that time and that's a a big part of why flights and accommodation are so much cheaper. You could be lucky this year, but on that occasion we weren't!

Also depends on how much you need a guarantee of good weather I guess. As you know, the Canaries in Oct would be a much safer bet. I find a weather website called Climates to Travel can be quite useful for looking at average temps/ rainfall for specific areas within countries.

If you were looking for kids to be able to play in pool, you'd really need somewhere (in Balearics) with a properly heated one IMO. I went to the Canaries in Feb, which is no guarantee of particular warmth, but were fairly lucky with weather. We stayed somewhere very deliberately with a properly heated pool and it still made a huuuge difference. The other pools in hotel which weren't heated were unpleasantly cold even when weather was warm (but not hot).

Elloello Thu 18-Jul-19 19:01:56

Would it be a bit daft to expect warm enough weather for the kids to play in the pool at October half term?
Wondering where to go that's not as far as the canaries.

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