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Can you help me find the perfect holiday

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MakeMineALarge1 Thu 18-Jul-19 17:56:51

I am driving myself mad

This is what I want/need

2 ad 1 child aged 12
From Aug 6 for 2 weeks - long as were home before September
4 star
Near a beach
Football Pitch & Water slides
Daytime flights - but I could be flexible
Budget £4000 ish
This looks ideal, but, its too expensive
Any help would be greatly appreciated

BarbaraofSeville Fri 19-Jul-19 08:52:05

Assuming the airports suit, put your requirements into the deals section of jet2holidays and see if anything suitable comes up. If you look for a hotel marked 'family' it should lead you towards the ones with water slides etc.

Or you can get some hotels in places like Tenerife that include unlimited access to the local waterpark and there's a free bus to get there.

MakeMineALarge1 Fri 19-Jul-19 09:30:48

I don't want to get a bus there, I want it on site, or across the road, I know I am being picky.

BarbaraofSeville Fri 19-Jul-19 09:47:48

At this late stage, you are going to have to compromise somewhere. smile

But if you put your requirements in here it comes up with holidays with waterparks included so you'll just have to look through for the ones that are on site, rather than just access to the local waterpark. I don't work for Jet2 btw, but they do offer good value, make it easy to search for what you want and have a good selection to choose from.

Can't help with the football pitch, but you could probably just buy a ball and play on the beach?

SmartPlay Fri 19-Jul-19 10:42:20

Don't book with TUI, they are expensive! Use sites that compile different travel agents, then you can use the cheapest option. If you found a hotel you liked, you can also google for it to come up with cheaper offers.

Greece is generally more expensive - I'd suggest Bulgaria (the black sea is beautiful - I was there once and was amazed by the silky soft water!) or Egypt (have been there twice, there are a lot of hotels with slides and even big aqua parks!).

catgirl1976 Sat 20-Jul-19 15:36:52

The Mtsis hotels in Greece look lovely and some have waterslides.

Also the Grechotel you are looking at is likely to be cheaper on different sites than TUI- try icelolly and onthebeach

MakeMineALarge1 Sat 20-Jul-19 16:46:25


This is for next year. I am sorted for this year.

MakeMineALarge1 Sat 20-Jul-19 16:47:49


Don't fancy Egypt and we have been to Bulgaria. But thank you.

I will look at on the beach. Thank you

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