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Help me and DD decide where to go!

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RoseRoseRoseRose Wed 17-Jul-19 08:04:20

I have been saving up for a holiday for me and DD (11) next Easter. We don't have lots of money so this sort of 'big' holiday only happens every 3-4 years.

We had been planning to go to LA. I love it there and was excited about showing DD. She liked the idea of the studio tours and Harry Potter World. Now we have been having second thoughts - it seems like such a long way and like it might be quite hard work as a holiday with all the driving and logistics. We won't have enough money for a really nice hotel, so would have to stay in an AirBnB.

So we've been thinking of alternatives. Latest idea is to go to Lanzarote and do a surfing course (which DD loves) and then have a few days in a nice hotel (which I love).

But LA is still an option - maybe I am just losing my nerve and I should just book it!

Are we missing a trick? Is there something else great that we could be doing? DD is sporty, and we have done a Neilson's holiday before which we loved but this time we want to do a holiday where we can spend time together.

We want something sunny and warm. If we are not going to LA I'd like to go somewhere where we are going to be looked after rather than self-catering.

Give us your ideas!

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