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Another Croatia thread - places to go from Split

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coldishfeet Mon 15-Jul-19 18:21:50

I booked to go to Croatia ages ago and all my accommodation can be cancelled without a fee for a few weeks yet. I'm having cold feet over my choices. We have a late flight in so I booked 3 nights in Split - with the idea of touring Split one day and then maybe getting a tour out to somewhere or public transport to visit something. Or will there be enough to do if we spend 2 full days and 3 nights in Split?

We're then supposed to go to Korcula but I am having cold feet about the ferry crossing. Is it too long from Split? Would we be better off going to Brac or somewhere along the Dalmation coast? We won't have a car so we're reliant on public transport but we pack light. Also, I cannot find any information on how to book a ferry from Split to Korcula. Does anyone have a link?

Will we find enough to do on Korcula for 5 nights? Can we use public transport and book activities on the island? The accommodation I have booked is highly rated apartments but the nearest beach is tiny and not very impressive. It's almost a mile walk to Korcula old town and I am now picturing myself getting bit to death by mosquitos if we walk back from the town every evening. I feel lost. I know where I am with Spain, Portugal etc...

I've been to the Istrian region before but that doesn't help with planning this trip. Any help or advice would be welcome.

Oh, one more thing. We're having to stay in Split one more night on our way back as we have a morning flight back to the UK. Should I change that to somewhere else? Or would you advise we stop off at a closer island for the day when we leave Korcula and then just spend the night in Split?

Our main criteria for the holiday is nice beaches, swimming and good food.

SJane48S Mon 15-Jul-19 18:50:23

We had 3 days there last year - 3 was pushing it a bit but 2 was fine. Very pretty city with a mishmash of architectural styles from Roman onwards. You can cover the main sites (palace, market etc ) in one day. We spent the 2nd doing a boat trip along the coastline & then exploring the beaches and little coves along
Sustipan which I thought was nicer than the main beach beyond the ferry port which was covered in what looked like plastic waste but was actually seaweed. We went in May half term so not all ferries were running but in season apparently Hvar and Brac have regular ferries. Along the bus/train station road there are numerous travel agent booths selling day trips to various islands as well as a national park with what looked like spectacular waterfalls. The train station was a bit of a dive with few trains going anywhere but the bus station has many routes, lots of options & frequent buses so maybe take a look at their website for easy to reach options. I really liked Split - has a good feel to it


backaftera2yearbreak Mon 15-Jul-19 18:54:01

I used to work as a holiday rep in Bol, a resort on Brac. It’s a stunning island perfect for a day trip.

4 hours down the coast to Dubrovnik if you don’t mind driving. It’s a stunning journey.

coldishfeet Mon 15-Jul-19 19:57:48

I'm wo9ndering if I stick with the original plan but change where we are staying in Korcula. Where would be good for not being too quiet and having a good beach we can walk to. I've got teens so we aren't particularly looking for tranquility. I think where I have booked is neither one thing nor the other. A trek to a good beach and a trek to restaurants at night. I don't think they'll tolerate that in the mid-summer heat.

I'm feeling happier about Split. I see lots of people don't like it and others do but I think it will suit us. I like a bit of milling around a city for the vibe of a place. I don't need the whole place to be a beauty-spot. Plus, we're not stuck there by day if we don't want to be by the sounds of it.

MohairMenace Mon 15-Jul-19 20:49:45

Have you considered Markaska? Beautiful old town and a slightly more modern bar/ restaurant area that the teens might appreciate

Posteni1 Mon 15-Jul-19 21:12:09

Korcula is beautiful and easy to get to from Split. Just go to the Jadrolinija office and book the Catamaran which will take about 2 hours. They go several times a day. Alternatively you could go to Hvar which is nearer.. and do day trips to Korcula and Vis. Hvar is a beautiful old town with some good beaches near by but it is very busy during the summer. We go every year and we are in the process of buying in Hvar, feel free to Pm me if you want some more info smile

SJane48S Mon 15-Jul-19 22:05:46

I'm surprised at anyone not liking Split - it's extremely attractive! The only negative i can think off is when the cruise ships spill their people for a couple of hours onto the streets and making them busy - but you'll get that in many places. We stayed in Rooms Lejletul, just round the corner from the seafront and on Marmontova in the old town.Beautiful modern rooms, very stylish & with Netflix for the teens!

BinkySodPlop Mon 15-Jul-19 22:15:46

I had a couple of weeks in Split, and did lots of things using it as a base. Ferries around to explore islands, a bus to Mostar, rafting, walking. I got the ferry up from Dubrovnik. It took all day, but we stopped at Korcula. It was busy and lots of people were coming and going, so I assume it's quite diverse in things to do. Go ahead with your plans, and if you get bored, move on to another place... 🙂

buttermilkwaffles Mon 15-Jul-19 22:28:11

I really like Split as well, although it does get a bit overcrowded with your groups and cruise ship passengers. Better in the evening when the day trippers are gone.

Croatia is great for swimming, but not for beaches. The best swimming I had there has been just jumping off rocks straight into deep water. Most "beaches" are very small and are pebble beaches.

For somewhere different to Split for your last night, stay in Trogir, it's got a gorgeous Old Town and is only 10 minutes by public bus (or taxi) to the airport, much nearer than Split.

You can get the Bura line boat to Trogir from Split, takes about an hour and much nicer and more scenic than the bus and doesn't cost much.

There is a new ferry service from the airport to Split, Brac and Hvar too, a nice way to arrive but maybe not for a flight that arrives at night!

My favourite islands from Split are Vis, Korcula and Hvar. Not much by the way of beaches near Korcula Old Town though.

buttermilkwaffles Mon 15-Jul-19 22:38:38

For ferry or cat to Korcula:

coldishfeet Mon 15-Jul-19 22:56:54

Thanks. This is all so helpful. I'm not expecting sandy bays. I've been to pula area and lived the stony beach where we stayed but it was a good size and had a pretty backdrop plus some amenities. Where I've booked in korcula the beach is a small patch of pebbles and that's it.

fussychica Mon 22-Jul-19 09:44:19

Recently returned from a road trip from Zagreb to Dubrovnik staying at the Plitvice Lakes(fabulous), Rovinj (beautiful) Split and Cavtat (stunning). Split is a great base. Ferries to the islands are plentiful, we loved Brac and Solta, in particular but there are so many to visit. Trogir is lovely. In fact, it's pretty hard to find anywhere which isn't picture perfect. Have a grsat time.

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