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Anyone driven through Germany to Croatia? Tips please!

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questions2008 Sun 14-Jul-19 10:47:52

So I'm planning a bit of a road trip in August. Just me, no kids. Want to drive to Croatia, with Plitvice as the destination there. I've driven in Europe before but not across borders. I've read up on all the rules and laws etc but I'd love some tips from others who might've made a similar journey - driving the romantic road in Germany and heading towards Croatia. Anything I must see/do, things I should take I might not have thought of etc...will be staying in a mixture of hostels and hotels, planning not to drove more than 4hrs a day. Flexible on length of trip between 2-3 weeks. TIA!

reluctantbrit Sun 14-Jul-19 11:45:15

Try to avoid long trips on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays inGermany. Most of Germany is on holiday in August and weekends are handover times for self catering and there will be lots of traffic.

It is also high season for motorway roadwork, check if you can find a listening for roadworks before you plan your trips. Traffic jam in German is Stau.

The Romantic Road has lovely towns and places to visit but it will be busy with tourists. Take your time and enjoy.

questions2008 Sun 14-Jul-19 20:52:06

Thanks for that, reluctant!

Curlyshabtree Mon 15-Jul-19 20:35:08

We’re heading to Croatia from Uk this summer. Overnight ferry to Holland then 2 nights stopovers en route in each direction.

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