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Child friendly holidays France or Italy

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Cantsleeppast3am Fri 12-Jul-19 09:39:32

Hi, I'm looking for somewhere to take my daughter she'll be four and it will be just me and her.

We've been abroad before but with my mum and I can get quite anxious, especially around balconies and swimming pools.

Going to a destination without knowing exactly what I'm getting stresses me out too.

So, ideally I'd like south of France or the Italian lakes, good transport links ideal although possibly I'd hire a car.
Lots to see and do and keep my little one occupied and self catering facilities.

I would like access to a pool also but all round safety is number one concern. Budget to mid range places.

Really hope someone can help!

sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 12-Jul-19 17:55:49

try here. you can stay in a mobile home( with decking out the front), and whilst there is a waterpark/pool you don't have to visit them if you don't feel confident doing so. there is a splash pad, which will be good for your 4 year old, as well as playgrounds and indoor cinema x

RolyWatts Fri 12-Jul-19 18:06:41

We find Eurocamp type hols best for this age. In Italy we have been to Residence Village in Cavallino-Treporti and found it to be safe and secure. Flights to Venice are pretty reasonable. We fly from Manchester or London. There are good transport links to Venice itself but if avoid it with a 4 year old and instead take the vaporetto over to Burano or Murani which are pretty with canals but less busy and less expensive. You can hire bikes and the cycle lanes in this area are fantastic. The campsite itself has a great pool, direct access to the beach and great security. We have been back several times. There are different campsites all along the coast so there is plenty to choose from. We prefer this one as the mobile homes have outdoor kitchens if you book directly with the campsite and not with canvas/Eurocamp etc.

froomeonthebroom Fri 12-Jul-19 18:06:43

Eurocamp or similar. There are sites where a car isn't needed and they all have pools and loads of organised activities. Lots have kids clubs too if you want a break.

Cantsleeppast3am Fri 12-Jul-19 18:07:51

Wow that looks great! I've just had a look, prices are great too!

RolyWatts Fri 12-Jul-19 19:20:24

@Cantsleeppast3am I am actually a bit gutted not to be going again this summer but I promise oh we would try somewhere different so we are going to Spain. But we are booking up for next year 😁😁

NanooCov Fri 12-Jul-19 20:11:03

We went before we had kids but noticed at the time how child friendly it was (I was pregnant with DS1 at the time) - Sardinia.

Ricekrispie22 Sat 13-Jul-19 07:47:58

Bella Italia in northern Italy is very easy to get to by public transport. The train journey from Milan Centrale Station to Pescheira Del Garda takes just over an hour. From there, it's just 2km (get a taxi at the station). Verona airport is even nearer. Both Venice and Verona are also accessible by train.
The pool complex is great and includes toddler splash facilities. There are always lifeguards at the pool complex. Good playgrounds too and a wide range of sports as well.
It’s a site used by Eurocamp so it has all the usual mobile home style accommodation but if you book directly with the site, there are other accommodation options including bungalows and apartments. They’re self catered and have a separate bedroom for the kids, but there are quite a few restaurants if you don’t fancy cooking all the time. There are also organised coach excursions to nearby points of interest which makes life just so much easier! It’s not too hot either because of the lake breeze.
As well as restaurants, there's a lovely little hand-made ice cream shop onsite too!

Cantsleeppast3am Sat 13-Jul-19 08:00:32

Hi yes I've seen Bella italia, looks great, I'd fancy a trip to Milan too!

bebeboeuf Sat 13-Jul-19 08:03:33

For France look into Les castles
I find them reassuringly smaller and quieter than the Euro amp type places

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