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Isolated with stunning views

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puppymouse Thu 04-Jul-19 22:29:39

Looking for some collective help here please. DH and I want to book something for a significant birthday. We had booked Harris in Outer Hebrides but we just can't make the travel work with the time we have and costs etc. I'm gutted.

Where could we go - UK or closeish abroad where it's quiet, we don't really have to talk to anyone and can chill out in luxury with stunning views?

Preferably keeping existing dates early January for 3 nights? sad

Ellmau Sun 14-Jul-19 12:45:04

Weather disruptions to your travel plans are definitely an issue on January. Especially as you want somewhere remote.

If the problem with Harris Inverness was the drive from Inverness airport, is there somewhere closer to Inverness? The Cairngorms or Aveimore or Cromarty?

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 12-Jul-19 22:54:42

Gidleigh in Devon

DeRigueurMortis Fri 12-Jul-19 22:52:39

Oh and it's arguably more beautiful in winter.

Frozen waterfalls, snow beneath the volcanos etc

Persea Fri 12-Jul-19 22:52:28

Type your dates in here and see what’s available

DeRigueurMortis Fri 12-Jul-19 22:50:44

Hi OP - not necessarily no.

Even if it is, the infrastructure is well versed into dealing with it (unlike the UK).

Just hire a 4x4 - ours was already fitted with studded snow tires and it was fine.

It was a Kia Sportage from memory.

puppymouse Fri 12-Jul-19 22:01:00

@BigRedBoat I grew up in Devon so been there a couple of times I think but not for a while!

puppymouse Fri 12-Jul-19 22:00:14

@DeRigueurMortis would it be neck deep in snow in January?

DeRigueurMortis Fri 12-Jul-19 20:27:04


Some absolutely breathtaking scenery and loads of isolated farmhouses to enjoy them from.

Just look on airb&b - some stunning properties in splendid isolation....

BigRedBoat Fri 12-Jul-19 20:21:16

Lundy island off north Devon coast

puppymouse Fri 12-Jul-19 19:09:19

@Kahlua4me stunning shock

Kahlua4me Fri 12-Jul-19 12:44:09

Sorry that seems to be a general link.

Try this link

Kahlua4me Fri 12-Jul-19 12:42:14

Take the train down to Avignon in south of France, hire a car and stay at L’Elzet. It’s the perfect isolation with stunning views and lots to do in the area if you want. My idea of paradise!

puppymouse Sun 07-Jul-19 19:24:57

What a beautiful place @Swiftier!

Swiftier Sun 07-Jul-19 13:52:01

How about Connemara? Lots of lovely hotels to choose from with views. Weather probably won’t be good in Jan (!) but if you have a nice cosy hotel I’m sure you could still have a great time.

You can fly to Shannon or Knock.

puppymouse Fri 05-Jul-19 09:57:49

@YourOP that timber cottage looks lovely so I might check Skye. It only does a week's stay though and I can do 3 nights!

puppymouse Fri 05-Jul-19 09:53:27

Thanks everyone - checking out all those options!

We're near Bristol airport so my ideal journey was flying to Inverness from there but we'd need to travel over two days to get there and I don't have that extra day as DD is with GPs who aren't massively comfortable having her and money is limited but my tastes are expensive!

Amberwarning Fri 05-Jul-19 09:09:08

Montenegro, couple of hours flight?


Often deals on secret escapes.

DianaT1969 Fri 05-Jul-19 09:02:08

Sorry link fail

Atlanticview-bnb-donegal [dot] com

Donegal town and Ardara were good for independent shops and quaint coffee shops

DianaT1969 Fri 05-Jul-19 08:59:38

I stayed here in the North West of Ireland. It's on Donegal's Great Atlantic Way.
Rugged scenery and coastline, hills & mountains, long empty beaches - my favourite was Nairn at Portnoo.
You could find luxury hotels or castle-style accommodation in the area I'm sure.
Basically there are no bad views there!
Fly into Derry or Carrick Finn (not sure on spelling). About an hour's drive from each.

Notageek Fri 05-Jul-19 08:49:43

We stayed here in the Tringa cabin Its amazing with views down the valley, loads of wildlife literally on the doorstep . They’ll do a shop for you and have lovely homemade ready meals so you don’t have to cook. Squishy sofas and a log burner too if the weather is bad. PM me if you need more details

YourOP Fri 05-Jul-19 08:41:06

Where in the UK are you travelling from?
If, say, from London you could take the Caledonian Sleeper train overnight to Fort Williams, rent a car there and drive to Skye which has cottages in beautiful surroundings and splendid isolation, this for example:
If you’re not fazed by Scottish winters/driving potentially in snow this could be a workable alternative to Harris as you save the long ferry crossing, and the sleeper train buys you some extra time. If booked well in advance it could be not too expensive at that time of year.

puppymouse Fri 05-Jul-19 07:06:20

Oooh beautiful thank you!

Ricekrispie22 Fri 05-Jul-19 05:43:02

Rascarrel Bay Lodges

nooddsocksforme Thu 04-Jul-19 23:43:52

puppymouse Thu 04-Jul-19 22:56:50

@SaintAlice Trip Advisor seems to suggest no to going in Jan. No transport, no restaurants and weather might mean you get stranded. Helicopter doesn't seem to run anymore either - will do more research!

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