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ggglimpopo Thu 26-Jul-07 18:09:31

Anyone been recently? Any must sees or dos or don'ts?

CountessDracula Thu 26-Jul-07 18:10:47

did you get your tums???

ggglimpopo Thu 26-Jul-07 18:14:51

No, someone told me that there was something in them that was contraindicated, even tho it says on the bloody packet that they are safe for pg ....

ho hum

Has my dd rung you rectnely to see if you need a babysitter on her a week off?

And have you anything to tell me about corfu that doesnt involve Gerald Durrell?

jaynehater Thu 26-Jul-07 18:16:12

Went 6 years ago to Kassiopi - all I can say is don't sit behind the head-case (apologies to all head-cases) who shrieked "Brake BrakebrakebrakeBRAAAAAAAKKEEE" while we were landing. Corfu has, apparently, the shortest landing strip in Europe. And go to Toula's taverna on the north coast - it's in Ag something or other, and the sea is feet from the tables, the food is slowly lovingly made, and it's all a bit romantic and special at dusk. (Unless you're sitting near me, forcing kleftikos into my face at unnatural speeds) Enjoy your break.

CountessDracula Thu 26-Jul-07 18:16:25

oh i posted you loads ages ago
how weird

well if you get them donate to someone non pg

she did ring yes
did you see my msg that she had rung dh the night before I spopke to you bu the forgot to tell me!

corfu is north of lefkas
that's all i know abou tit

jaynehater Thu 26-Jul-07 18:17:31

Soz, north east coast. Still don't know the name of the place though- think it's near the bay where lawrence durrells house is. sorry about the durrell mention, it's unavoidable.

WestCountryLass Thu 26-Jul-07 20:35:49

We stayed at the Corfu Chandris hotel:

We were VERY happy with this hotel as we booked last minute

However the hotel is not on the best beach but close to Corfu town.

We went on a coach tour of the island and would recommend staying in/near Paleokastritsa if you want the idyllic beaches of the brochures, it was beautiful there

Deffo go on tour or hire car to visit:

Kanoni terrace to view Mouse Island
Achilleion Palace
The Monastery of Panagia
Corfu Town for shopping, sight seeing etc

Have fun, we loved Corfu!

jellybeans Fri 27-Jul-07 09:47:36

We stayed at Roda (spiros apts) It was lovely. Very scenic, great beach etc. Must see's were; boat trip to Corfu town (stopping off at gin factory and Kassiopi), Corfu Town, Paleokastritsa, Bella vista. I agree about airport, it looks like in the middle of sea, very basic a few years ago too. I would recommend it though.

zeebee Fri 27-Jul-07 10:32:14

Definitely north east coast. St Stephano is lovely, a small bay with a few tavernas. We atayed in the next bay, Kerasia, which was so peaceful (despite the war ship cruising up and down due to Albanian unrest!)IN fact it was so lovely we didn't stray far, though Corfu town is meant to be stunning.
Are you looking for accommodation recommendations or is that sorted. Would love to go back, sigh. Enjoy!

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