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One day in paris with whiney teenager

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noddyholder Tue 24-Jul-07 12:29:13

We are going to corsica but are stopping in Paris for 2 nights but will have just one full day there iyswim as first day we arrive about 6 and will have dinner and sleep!And on the third day we leave for the south at lunchtime.So what can we do for one day which won't be too boring for a 13 yr old moany boy

MamaG Tue 24-Jul-07 12:30:39

take a nintendo

noddyholder Tue 24-Jul-07 12:31:17

Am giving it serious though as it may mean we actually have a holiday!

noddyholder Tue 24-Jul-07 12:31:27

thought even!

chopchopbusybusy Tue 24-Jul-07 12:32:12

I'm probably going to state the obvious - the Eiffel Tower. TBH the queues will be horrendous so that will probably take the best part of a day.

noddyholder Tue 24-Jul-07 12:39:00

I think we will go for the obvious!

witchandchips Tue 24-Jul-07 12:41:51

Give him a guidebook before you go and ask him what he wants to do for the morning. Show him the metromap and say that must be inside one of the 12 arondissments.
Tell him to make it a surprise for you. You and dh then get to do the same in the afternoon

Lilymaid Tue 24-Jul-07 12:42:33

DS2 says that best chicken and chips in the world come from Chartier (otherwise won't eat French food)- recommended as an experience and for difficult teenagers.

noddyholder Tue 24-Jul-07 13:30:42

Have made a note of that and it is near our hotel so perfect for a fussy won't eat anything teenager!I am hoping just to stroll around as don't want to get knackered in Paris and then dread corsica

KTWhoMustNotBeNamed Tue 24-Jul-07 16:03:31

When I first went to paris as a teenager, the thing that impressed me most was the Pompidou Centre - but it probably looks a bit dated now - was not long open then (showing my age here )

I think they still have lots of street entertainers outside if looking at the art is not his thing....

fairyjay Tue 24-Jul-07 16:18:20

Look on the Tripadvisor forum under Paris and teenagers. There might be things on there you hadn't thought of, or weren't aware of!

Skribble Tue 24-Jul-07 21:34:25

I think it would be best to get 13yr old to find out what places he would like to visit, I have to say wandering about is perfect for you, stumble across little cafes, browse quirky shops etc etc but is guaranteed to drive 13ryr old mad, he will want a plan and a purpose I think, so let him call the shots.

The big science place might have somethingon that would interest him if he likesw that sort of thing. I will google BRB.

Skribble Tue 24-Jul-07 21:42:11


Cite science museum

Permanent attractions include the Argonaute Submarine
La Geode giant screen cinema
Cinema simulator

Skribble Tue 24-Jul-07 21:45:13

Another science place

Skribble Tue 24-Jul-07 21:59:18

Bike tours of Paris with Fat tires}
Strange wheely tour of Paris with Segways}

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