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Is there the equivilent of a Travelodge type place in Paris???????

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Fimbo Thu 19-Jul-07 12:58:19


tiredemma Thu 19-Jul-07 13:01:19

I think that this is a bit similar ( budget wise)


Fimbo Thu 19-Jul-07 13:06:26

Cheers Emma, although they seem to only be big enough for 3.

tiredemma Thu 19-Jul-07 13:06:59

how many are you? 4?

redpanda Thu 19-Jul-07 13:19:44

Have you tried Citadines? thye are serviced apartments.

popmum Thu 19-Jul-07 13:19:54

you want to look at accor hotels - this includes formale1 plus their other brands.
Ibis is nice middle of the road

TigerFeet Thu 19-Jul-07 13:25:42

Stayed at a Campanile near paris once, will look for details...

TigerFeet Thu 19-Jul-07 13:26:41

Here y'go

Fimbo Thu 19-Jul-07 13:49:07

Thanks everyone for your help

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