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GAILANDLEE Wed 11-Jul-07 16:38:34

Looking for beach holiday for us and my 6 year old and 4 year old. I have a vision in my head about several tavernas on a beach so that we can eat whilst they play beautifully on the sand! My vision also sees us drinking wine on our patio whilst they sleep soundly in a villa / apartment. A small cluster of villas / apartments around a pool with loads of happy children playing together completes the picture! Really fancy greece / Minorca... Does such a paradise exist? i know about Mousses and Mark Warner, but is there anything else? Thank you, thank you!

mojotalking Wed 11-Jul-07 17:55:48

You could have a look at Simply Travel - they are not cheap but they have some really lovely places such as this one in Crete. e=17/07/07&searchCount=3

We stayed down the road (they don't seem to carry our apts any longer) but visited the Aloni apartments to use the creche and they were very nice. They have a creche on site which attracts lots of families and the local beach is good (very clean and shallow water) with traditional tavernas. =SP61&date=17/07/07&searchCount=3

Good luck - I hope you find the holiday of your dreams!


JoshandJamie Fri 13-Jul-07 13:29:59

Try - they might have some ideas

kirstyh1 Wed 18-Jul-07 20:37:01 cater for families with kids they are also promoted on the site holiday with baby as i noticed after following a link there before

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