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South-west France v Tuscany

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Novembergirl Sat 07-Jul-07 20:43:56

Since DS was born (he is two and a half) all our holidays except one have been to France. We am now planning a seven-day break in late September/early October and are considering self-catering in South West France (near La Rochelle) or Tuscany.

DH favours Tuscany and I would love to visit the Florence/Siena area again but I have been told that although Italy is extremely child-friendly there is not so much to "do" (i.e. less attractions such as parks and zoos). I am not sure this is a problem, though, as DS does tend to get a little bored on outings. I am, however, finding it harder to locate Italian accommodation with play areas/toys, something which proved very popular on our last holiday. So, thought I would see if other mums have any views or recommendations.

PeachesMcLean Sat 07-Jul-07 22:51:17

We came back from Tuscany a fortnight ago. We did say there wasn't much for children to do in the area, though we had a wonderful time.
We stayed between Florence and Pisa for the first week then down on the coast south of Livorno the second week. Only had a day trip to Volterra and San Gimignano so don't really know that area.
There were a few things to do for children - zoo at Pistoia, Pinnochio park at Collodi was rubbish, I can give you a link for Green Park nearer Pisa but we didn't make it, there's a theme park at Donoratico south of Livorno. Sorry can't tell you anything in the Florence /Siena area but we hope to go back next year so I'll be keeping my eyes out for other suggestions for children here! Lot's of icecream seemed to get DS through the site seeing!

Are you looking for a villa or a caravan? We stayed in the latter which means there's a playground on hand as well as a children's pool.

lapsedrunner Sun 08-Jul-07 15:40:07

Have you considered Villa Pia (, just into Umbria? You'll find vairous links to it on MN and under the Summer Holiday listings.

pammo Tue 10-Jul-07 21:00:04

Just posted on another thread - we're off to La Rochelle/Ile de Re mid September. Loved the area as a teenager and loads to do with DS(3.8) and DD(0.7). Love Italy - favourite European holiday destination pre-kids but wince at the thought of having to rush through the Ufizzi due to a fractious/bored child.

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