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Checking in booster seats with Ryanair

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Honeymum Sat 30-Jun-07 23:42:44

We're flying with them on Monday. I think we have to check in booster seats, but do we have to pay an extra baggage allowance (we've paid for 2 lots of 15kg) as the DDs don't have a baggage allowance....
I can't find out how to pay for extra baggage allowance in advance (as I'm sure it's cheaper that way) on the Ryanair website so if anyone can help that would be fabbo.

DelGirl Sun 01-Jul-07 00:05:46

You have to book it at the same time as you book the flight to get it cheaper. Not sure how much it is on arrival but possibly £8+ each way? I booked in a car seat for a flight in September with them and it was £5 each way. I think the only thing thats free is pushchairs. I think there maybe one other thing but its not car seats.

Oh, if they're just boosters, will they go in your suitcase?

Honeymum Sun 01-Jul-07 10:37:45

Thanks for that. Isn't it a pain that you can't amend your booking on-line!! I will see if they will go in the case but I don't think so.

SydneyB Sun 01-Jul-07 10:49:02

Get there EARLY would be my one piece of advice as you have to queue at a different desk to pay for extra luggage than the check in desk and then (if its like with the car seat) you have to carry it somewhere else yourself. I HATE Ryanair. Did you also know that there is no longer any priority boarding for families with small children? You have to pay extra for that too...

hodgeymum Sun 01-Jul-07 11:01:30

we packed an infant car seat and a booster seat into a large wheeled holdall surrounded by towels and other clothing for our easyjet flight.they count the number of pieces of luggage and only the pushchair goes free,so it worked out well and actually the bag didnt weigh too much.

DelGirl Sun 01-Jul-07 12:23:24

I'm assuming your twins are over 2 if they're in boosters so they should have their own allowance as you have to get a seat if over 2?

DelGirl Sun 01-Jul-07 12:23:56

a plane seat that is.

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