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tsilivi in Zante, has anyone been? advice please

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Beadmum Wed 27-Jun-07 12:08:15

Dh and I are still trying to decide where to go in september with dd who will be 14 months.

Zante flights are most suitable for us and would prefer greece over spain but no idea which resort.

Has anyone been to tsilivi or recommend other resorts in zante, we prefer the place to be more greek and less english breakfasts and sunday roasts everywhere.

any comments welcome, thanks.

katylou25 Wed 27-Jun-07 12:42:03

We went to Tsilivi a few years a go and loved it, and then returned for a easy holiday somewhere we knew and liked when I was pregnant with Ds1 3 years ago - we were very dissapointed 2nd time round had become very commercialised and like you say english brekkies and sunday roasts had taken over main part of town - zante lovely tho, nice little beaches etc if you hire a car to drive round, perhaps try one of the smaller resorts - we went in september too both times and weather was great, sunny and warm but not to hot - perfect for a holiday with little ones

smurfgirl Wed 27-Jun-07 18:58:00

Kalamaki in Zante is lovely, Vaskillios is v.greek.

kid Wed 27-Jun-07 19:03:25

I'm off to Zante in a couple of months, I've heard lots of good things about it. We are going to Tsilivi.

Toothyboy Wed 27-Jun-07 21:07:15

Alikes is quite nice - plenty of tavernas and bars but much smaller than tsilivi.

DadnLovinit Thu 28-Jun-07 17:50:33

Just came back from Zante (first time there) and had an amazing time (me, dw and 18 month old ds). Stayed at Periyali Villas (Simpson Travel) in Vassilikos - absolutely wonderful, individual villas with own pools and a creche where you can put the little one for a couple of hours while you lie in the sun! Very quiet around there but stunning beaches (although ds despises sand!) and a few local tavernas which are very laid back about kids. Just so nice

The island itself is just drop-dead gorgeous but does have a few less attractive resorts: Laganas and Argassi for starters.

PollyLogos Thu 28-Jun-07 18:38:36

silivi is perfect for families with young children (I think) I have posted quite a few times in the past about it.

PollyLogos Thu 28-Jun-07 18:43:38

Here's one link

willow2 Fri 29-Jun-07 22:23:24

DadnLovinit - tell me more! We went ages ago but I've heard that the place has been done up and is much swankier now. Is the lovely Sandre still running the bar... is there still a bar? It was lovely but a bit ramshackle when we went so would love to hear a bit more about what it is like now. Which villa did you stay in?

Beadmum Sat 30-Jun-07 22:31:42

thanks everyone for your help, think we're going to go for tsilivi. Even if it is quite commercial, decided we'd rather that than somewhere too quiet. Beach looks great for dd and seems a very family friendly area which is the way our holidays need to be now

Liff Thu 05-Jul-07 13:25:05

I too have just come back from Periyali and had a wonderful time too. Sandre is still behind the bar! The general pools are great for the babies and having our own pool too meant that whilst our DS was asleep we could just relax by our own pool. Local tavernas are really child friendly with playgrounds that they can play in while you eat. Would highly recommend it depsite the price

willow Tue 10-Jul-07 15:55:49

Liff, which villa where you in? Also, which tavernas did you like? There was one run by two brothers that was really nice.

PinkChick Tue 10-Jul-07 16:03:34

we went to lagana in zante a few years back now and although it seems to be a very 'club' orientated palce may-july now, i think sept time would be much has beautful beaches and the sea turtles come out very early on the morning, there are some lovely resteraunts and its very family orientated

kslatts Tue 10-Jul-07 17:08:16

We are going to Kalamaki in August, my friend lives out there and recommended Kalamaki as a good resort for families, she said to avoid Laganas.

Weasleybug Tue 10-Jul-07 17:10:47

we're off to periyali in a few weeks so any tips for child friendly tavernas much appreciated. We're in Villa Penelope...

Glad to hear good reports !

Liff Fri 13-Jul-07 13:41:13

We were in Kaliope and it was lovely. We went to a couple of tavernas really near Peryali. Up the path towards the beach, one was on the path (with a playground out the front) and the other was at the top of the path on your right. Both very child friendly and the food was fine

kid Mon 27-Aug-07 21:03:52

Just back from Tsilivi, my kids loved it there (8 and 5)
We stayed in Planos Bay but tbh, I wouldn't recommend those apartments. The room was small and the pool very packed. Hotel Jupiter looked lovely from the outside and we used their pool lots of times as it was open to everyone. The area is lovely, plenty to keep the kids busy and lots of restaurants to chose from for the evening. Hated the airport in Zante, although the new departure lounge has finished being built and will be open to the public in the next couple of weeks.

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