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First holiday abroad

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GreyGardens88 Wed 05-Dec-18 19:42:38

A Greek island..maybe Rhodes. It has beaches and lots of history archealogical sites

chaplin1409 Wed 05-Dec-18 19:37:23

I'm the only one with out a passport so just need to sort that. 2 of my children are vege so self catering with the plan to go out to eat sometimes.

NotCitrus Wed 05-Dec-18 13:56:30

What's your budget? And get passports now if you don't all have them - under-16s only last 5 years.

A city near the beach? Barcelona maybe? Or somewhere with lots to do and some beaches, eg Lake Garda? Self-catering or hotel?

chaplin1409 Wed 05-Dec-18 08:51:13

Hi we are able to book a holiday abroad next year but we are totally clueless where to go. We are a family of 6, the youngest will be 13 and eldest actually an adult 18. We like the beach and walking and being out and about exploring not sitting by a pool.
Any ideas I don't know where to start.

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