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Any tips for 1st holiday abroad with baby???

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BigHotMama Mon 18-Jun-07 08:49:54

I'm trying to organise my list of things to get for our holiday to Villamora in the Algarve in early August for 2 weeks. Its our first time abroad with our ds who will be nearly 1 by the time we go away. Am looking for any tips or advice for things to pack or not to pack as dont want to overload on luggage.

We are staying in a villa with some friends and luckily there is a washing machine so can wash clothes and just take 1 wks worth of clothes instead of 2.

What should I take onto the flight to keep ds entertained?

We have a hired carand have hired a carseat, we have hired a travel highchair over there and have decided to take our own travelcot which we think is too hjeavy so may have to buy the light ones I've seen in Boots with a mosquito net around them.

Milkwise he is still having around 18oz per day pf SMA Progress, do I take sachets? Or is it ok to use full fat cows milk as he will nearly be 1? Can you buy SMA over there??

Trying to get organised as dont want last minute panics.

Is there anything else I need to take?

Help needed TIA

BigHotMama Mon 18-Jun-07 09:08:28


Jojay Mon 18-Jun-07 09:23:41

I managed to forget the parasol for the buggy, so don't forget that one - we had to strap my stripy pink umbrella ( which for some reason I had remembered.....) over the buggy - not a good look!!

Take spare muslins to hang at the windows in the car to keep the sun off your lo - just wind the window down a bit and trap it in the top, IYSWIM.

Not sure about formula - I took my own and in Mallorca, didn't see any brand names I recognised from here. Just boiled the tap water to make it up though, and ds was fine.

Bought nappies out there though - too bulky to lug them with us!!

have a lovely time!!!

Mumfun Mon 18-Jun-07 14:38:13

Just be aware that arrangements for car seats vary. Depending on country and car firm you may have to fit your carseat into the car and there may be noone to help you. Also some of them are not great quality I have found. But soem are excellent.

Not tryiing to scare you but just to say be prepared that you may have to fit them



BigHotMama Mon 18-Jun-07 21:09:36

Sachets of formula it is then.

Great idea for the muslims.

Have bought parasol today and an insect repellent bracelet.

Any more tips anybody?

ruddynorah Mon 18-Jun-07 21:14:51

we took dd abroad when she was just about 1.

she had cow's milk, but she had been having it from 11 months.

on the plane she was mostly amused by the seatbelt and the window blind. other than that i took a lunch box packed with dried fruit, sandwiches, biscuits and babybels to keep her quiet.

for take off and landing i gave her her water beaker to make sure she gulped through the ear popping bit.

good luck!

BigHotMama Mon 18-Jun-07 21:21:20

Cheers ruddy, my ds has cows milk in cooking so I know he likes it if we get stuck.
Good thinking about the lunchbox better pack extra wipes lol.

KKK747 Mon 18-Jun-07 21:44:36

A mosquito net for the buggy in case you are thinking of venturing out in the evenings and there are bugs - we used ours every night in Greece.
A change of clothes for the baby on the flight and for yourself too ( we've had projectile vomiting on one flight).
Big blanket / large towel to cover over the pram if they are napping in there during the day - not sure if your ds does this?? - mine wakes up after 15mins if he is not covered over.
DEF agree with ruddynora re: the snacks - take plenty for the flight and over there - just in case you can't get anything he likes.
Hope that helps

samsmam Mon 18-Jun-07 21:58:58

I just came back from Cyprus with my LO- 8.5 months. We has a villa and I took far too many clothes, I did take nappies although be better luggage/weight wise too buy over there. I took baby milk (LO bit younger so can't advise on milk)

Take spare clothes on flight- LO got quite air sick on landing there and coming back. We had a childrens suitcase as handluggage full of not too noisy toys for flight and holiday.

One thing we found is that if you do go to restaurants take the high chair in boot of car- not all restaurants had them and its a pain, much better if they can sit and see whats going on!

Another excellent buy was a UV suit from mothercare- looks bit like a wetsuit but gives them SPF 40 I think we just applied the lotion as well underneath.

BigHotMama Mon 18-Jun-07 22:44:49

Cheers girls great tips!

Saddlebags Thu 21-Jun-07 16:29:52

I remember travelling with DS2 only 12 weeks old to Florida just as the Iraq troubles were starting. He was on Soya milk and I was terrified that we might have to do an emergency landing in the Azores or somewhere that wouldn't have supplies - I rang the SMA helpline and they were able to satisfy my neurosis by telling me exactly how many scoops of powder there were in a tin. Nonetheless I took enough supplies for at least a month!
There's a really useful website called which has so many handy hints for what to do at the airport etc - and they have an online shop for all the useful gadgets.

BexieID Thu 21-Jun-07 17:55:46

Saddlebags - out of interest, how many scoops are there in a tin? Trying to work out if it's worth buying the sachets next or a tin!

BigHotMama Thu 21-Jun-07 18:28:43

Cheers Saddlebags, will check out their site

glamourbadger Thu 21-Jun-07 18:51:21

I've got a couple of these which have been fab - I have twins and they never have two highchairs! They fold up into your handbag so no need to worry about a highchair when abroad or eating out. Mine have been using them from about 11 months.

A neighbour actually made me mine - link here if you come over all domestic goddess

dollyk Thu 21-Jun-07 19:05:11

why dont you get the ready made milk thats what I did its so much easier and the through away bottles for when we was out
also I bought the mosie clip that goes on the side of the pram that was good ,and the baby wipes johnson with suncream on them.I used to give my kids play dough on the flight but they away fall asleep in the end anyway

maltesemum Thu 21-Jun-07 19:47:38

From Malta:- Take insect repellant spray, the nets won't protect him all the time. I use it for my kids all through the summer. The sun suits are also a great idea; BHS, Adams, M&S stock them too, I always use these for the kids and they have been protected all through the summer (June to September).

JoshandJamie Thu 21-Jun-07 20:35:39

For everyone who has posted great tips on here, please go to [] and post your tips there too. It's a new website giving advice to parents travelling with babies and young children and it has loads of good advice but also accepts tips from parents who've been there, done that.

LorB Thu 21-Jun-07 20:36:42

My top tip is basics like a bottle brush, and a couple of tea-towels. You never know how well stocked kitchens are and you dont wat to take risks with sour milk! Also, I have a sun tent which protects from UV rays, which I found great last time I took DD on holiday as napping in the buggy got quite sweaty! Not sure where it was from and I need to track it down as we're off next week too with my 11 month & 3 year old! Have fun -and thanks for everyone's tips!

JoshandJamie Thu 21-Jun-07 20:38:10

That should be

Marmite Thu 21-Jun-07 20:45:33

I live in Cyprus, I arrived last year with a 2 year old and a 5 month old baby!

My tips are pretty much the same as everyone elses. Def bring your own formula, even if you can get it at your resort it will be VERY expensive.

Take a couple of hats for when you loose one! The UV suits are brilliant for the little ones (Tescos and Sainsburys do reasonably priced ones). Is your little one walking? Would get a little pair of water/jelly like shoes if he is.

Def take mossie nets for the cot and for the buggy, you can get sunscreen nets too which are great for the buggy and much better than parasols.

I'll keep thinking>
On board the plane, a change of clothes, plenty of nappies (I had to scrounge one on our last flight home when DS performed one time too many ) and wipes. Plenty of snacks, a couple of books and non noisy toys.

I'll j

maltesemum Thu 21-Jun-07 20:58:01

I got my sun tent LorB mentioned from Early Learning Centre, it folds flat and just pops up when you take it out of it's carrier. I suggest you practice folding it at home first; the first time I took DS to the beach I couldn't remember how to pack it up again

jazzyp Thu 21-Jun-07 21:11:14

Take more wipes than you think you'll need; a box of powdered formula; some muslins (good for all sorts of things); nappies; plastic spoons and catch-all bib; snacks, water, toys, nappies, wipes, change of clothes for the plane; colouring pencils or crayons; shoes that baby can wear on the beach and in the water - dd was terrified of sand for a few days!

Oh and passports and money - you can buy most other things!

QueenofBleach Thu 21-Jun-07 21:14:57

Just come back from holiday, belt and window kept dd amused, if going by cheap airline , pay for priority boarding as then you can grab three seats and get oprganised,

janek Thu 21-Jun-07 21:39:01

we have a shade a babe (from, it is infinitely better than any parasol i have ever seen, as it actually shades the baby... it also acts as a mosquito net, and possibly blacks things out for the baby a bit, although they can see through it. we had a normal parasol and it never shaded her, even when we were going in a straight line, it drove me mad!

not so relevant, we also have a shade a babe cosy toe, which again is better than the mothercare one we had before. also, it has a removeable wool liner, which apparently can be used on its own to be cooler (something to do with wicking sweat. nice).

re travel cot, we have a little life arc 2 (although the arc 3 comes with a uv screen), which is really lightweight.

also, we have just bought a booster seat from the early years with an inflatable base. it's better than those cloth ones that tie to the seat imo because the child is a little higher, and also freer to move about within the seat.

imo you never need as many clothes as you think either, especially if you have a washing machine. don't forget, things dry quickly in hot climes, and it never hurt anyone to wear a weetabix-covered t shirt for more than a day..!

Lizcitral Fri 22-Jun-07 10:01:21

For the flight, maybe take a toy that you can attach to the lapbelt - on our recent return from Italy with our 11mo we had a very stern stewardess who stood over us making sure even her blanket was 'secured'.

Car seats with hire companies - unless the person you deal with has kids, they may not understand the importance of getting the right one. I had to check two before we found one that wasn't broken (smashed polystyrene inners, missing belts, etc). It can really put a dampener on your trip if you're worrying about your baby's safety in the seat, so stand your ground if you need to!

And try and find food bits you can have on you - breadsticks, rusks, nanas - for that time in cafes before food arrives.

But generally, we found the Italians were amazing with our dd - nothing too much trouble, mini-portions, cleaning up, etc - and I'm sure it will be the same with the Portuguese.

Only one more thing we wish we'd been told -it's not exactly a holiday with a baby! But you'll have a great time anyway.

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