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Le Marche - suggestions please

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lapsedrunner Mon 04-Jun-07 11:47:56

I'd welcome any insider tips on Le Marche please. I know DS(nearly 5)would love a week on a beach but I don't think this part of the adriatic has any "small & quiet" resorts from what I can see. DH would never forgive me if we ended up in a busy resort. Am I wrong, is there a little gem out there?
My gut feeling is to opt for self catering inland, suggestions also welcomed, know any good Agriturismos? Don't want to stray too close to Tuscany/Umbria as we are spending our 2nd week there anyway.

lapsedrunner Tue 05-Jun-07 05:11:05


Rosa Tue 05-Jun-07 13:15:39

Big gem ..Its a lovely place really adorable. Mary Pop ( she is on Little Italy thread sometimes) is from Fano which is just up the coast. I was in that area years ago and I used to go to Archevia and Marotta in the hills just up from Senigallia. however I loved Sirolo and Numana a bit further down the coast , quieter smaller , nice beaches. There was a hotel Il Fortino in that area that was lovely a fortress right on the beach ! I don't know of any agriturismos. I would go back there any day as loved it.

lapsedrunner Wed 06-Jun-07 11:17:31

Thanks Rosa, that hotel looks great, especially as DH is a history nut, but a bit outside our budget .

lapsedrunner Mon 20-Aug-07 16:47:21

Bumping my own thread here as we're all booked and off to a villa near San Ginesio on Saturday. Anyone been to this area recently and can provide good tips, especially restaurants or perhaps quiet sandy beaches around Civitanova Marche or south?

lapsedrunner Tue 21-Aug-07 10:58:49


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