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City break in the winter

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ColouringPencils Wed 08-Aug-18 21:09:43

If you were going on a city break in the winter, where would you go? It would only be for 3 days, so wouldn't want to travel too far. Budget is not massive (in fact, probably quite small, but we are used to doing things on a shoestring and don't need luxury). It would just be DH and me, celebrating a wedding anniversary.

Justmuddlingalong Wed 08-Aug-18 21:17:03

In the Uk, Edinburgh or Perth. Further afield Krakow, Prague, Budapest or Bratislava.

teenmum60 Wed 08-Aug-18 21:19:17

Riga is lovely for a winter break although it maybe too far for you to travel (but its cheap). Budapest is lovely and you can do it on a shoestring (Easyhotel is great location/value). My favourite choice would probably be Krakow though...(would recommend Hotel Columbus great location). Bruges ia nearer and lovely and you can take Eurostar.

DickensianHysteric Wed 08-Aug-18 21:19:31

I have been on December city breaks to Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Cologne and Amsterdam. Enjoyed them all, but if I had to pick somewhere to go back to, it would be Lisbon or Amsterdam.

applecatchers36 Wed 08-Aug-18 21:19:50

If is before Christmas would consider the German Christmas markets, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich. Very festive, nice food and drink, look beautiful, great shopping etc..

ColouringPencils Wed 08-Aug-18 21:22:13

Thanks everyone! I had been thinking of eastern Europe, but then didn't know if it would be just too cold in January?

ColouringPencils Wed 08-Aug-18 21:24:06

I quite fancied Budapest for all the spas... But I visited in summer and the ones I went to were all outdoors. Do they have indoor ones or is it warm enough to use the outdoor?

PrivateParkin Wed 08-Aug-18 21:31:18

We went to Prague in February a couple of years ago, and it really was cold - below freezing every day. However the cold sort of added to the atmosphere! It was beautiful, cold and crisp, amazing sunsets - and there was something very appealing about going from the freezing cold into lovely cosy bars/restaurants. I love cities in winter. That's when they're at their best imho.

ColouringPencils Wed 08-Aug-18 21:38:38

That sounds lovely, Parkin. I think because it has been hot for so long, the thought of being somewhere cool and crisp is very inviting!

user1486076969 Wed 08-Aug-18 21:40:13

Vienna.....of coursegrin

WeeM Wed 08-Aug-18 21:48:49

Paris is amazing in winter-the Xmas lights on the champs Elysee are gorgeous. But it is quite pricey to stay there. Tallinn is a lovely place if you fancy Eastern Europe-not been in winter though. Or Bruges I think would be lovely too.

Shmithecat Wed 08-Aug-18 21:51:37

Budapest or Prague. I've been to both a few times. Wonderful places. Prague was spectacularly beautiful in the snow!

ReservoirDogs Wed 08-Aug-18 21:54:26

We went to Marrakech one January. Still shirtsleeve weather.

PrivateParkin Wed 08-Aug-18 21:56:20

Yes Bruges is lovely, and there's the bonus of being able to get the Eurostar rather than flying, if that's a plus point for you? We went there before Christmas last year and it was lovely - not as dramatic as Prague and on a much smaller scale, but a nice place to walk around, and very festive (plus: chocolate). We stayed at the Hotel Navarra, which has a swimming pool in a sort of cave-like area (! Can't think how else to describe it!) with very cool lighting.

You're making me want to book a wintry city break OP!

teenmum60 Wed 08-Aug-18 21:56:46

If you like Spa's how about Bucharest...we spent new year in Romania and went to this Therme (twice because it was so brilliant and very cheap - although incredibly popular (large queues) - we are going back again just to go to the Therme ). Bucharest has enough to offer for a weekend and I would also recommend this place for a meal - it was brilliant

thismeansnothing Wed 08-Aug-18 21:57:52

Prague. I went a couple of years ago in Feb for my our wedding anniversary and we had a fab three days. Loads to do and really cheap to eat/drink out

bluemoonchances Wed 08-Aug-18 22:02:11

I went to Prague a few years ago I. January. It was snowing and absolutely beautiful. We did the walking tour around the city, as out of season there were only 7 people plus the guide on the tour, the guide said in summer there can be as many as 50 per tour. It was truly fantastic.

DuchessThingy Wed 08-Aug-18 22:05:54

Bruges is amazing and an easy trip from the UK. You could also look at somewhere like Lille or Ypres. Aachen in Germany has great Christmas markets.

If you want to go Nordic, Tromso is lovely - we went for a long weekend last year and really liked it. In winter you can fly direct there rather than changing at Oslo. Scandinavia is more expensive however.

bluemoonchances Wed 08-Aug-18 22:08:05

Ooooo yes @DuchessThingy Bruges is beautiful too! We went this year in February... the only thing we found is that everywhere seemed to close by 10pm so no late drinks! Gorgeous place though smile

DuchessThingy Wed 08-Aug-18 22:17:03

Yes, it seems most tourists leave Bruges by about 7pm! We were there for a weekend and it was busy during the day, but not as manic as somewhere like Rome or Paris, then everyone cleared off and all the lovely bars and restaurants in side streets were nice and quiet. We loved it.

ColouringPencils Wed 08-Aug-18 22:17:40

Oh no, now I want to go everywhere! grin

loveka Wed 08-Aug-18 22:19:15

Stockholm is fab fab fab!

Branleuse Wed 08-Aug-18 22:20:20

Valletta, Seville, marrakech

bluemoonchances Wed 08-Aug-18 22:30:04

Uk city breaks that can be done on the cheap... Cambridge is beautiful, splash out and spend £20 to do the walking tour from the tourist information, definitely worth it, and definitely go into kings college - stunning. We made it cheap by staying at a cheap premier inn on the out skirts and getting local bus into the centre.

York is a beautiful city to potter around.. the railway museum is free and surprisingly interesting and worth doing.

Belfast - gorgeous and interesting- Tara Lodge is a good reasonably priced hotel ten minutes walk from the centre.

Hotel in Bruges - think it was called hotel du sablon, very good value, right in the centre, excellent continental breakfast. We booked in advance and got Eurostar tickets £45 each return

bluemoonchances Wed 08-Aug-18 22:32:53

Valencia is gorgeous too.... ooooh I do love a city break!! gringrin

I use secret Escapes a lot for 'nice' hotel breaks... or I look at premier inn saver deals... I recently got 2 nights at the premier inn Albert dock hotel Liverpool for £35 a night! Liverpool is another great city with lots to see and do.

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