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28282ooooh Sat 21-Jul-18 22:59:41

ANyone been on October?
What is the weather like? Or am I better off looking at the Canaries?

JonSnowsCloak Sat 21-Jul-18 23:15:12

Weather will be still warm however after the first week of October everything shuts down...the season is really May to October xx

Scootingthebreeze Sat 21-Jul-18 23:17:02

We went to cala llonga for oct half term. It was quoet and the last week of the season. We had amazing weather but a couple who go every year said the previous yr was awful weather all week though in general they find oct is good weather overall.

MorrisDancingViv Sun 22-Jul-18 09:58:46

I went one October. The sea was lovely and warm (much nicer compared to when I had been in May) but I only had one day of nice weather. It rained heavily for the next few days and then was very windy and overcast the rest of the week. I wouldn't go in October again.

I've been to Cyprus in October. It was around 30 degrees every day.

28282ooooh Mon 23-Jul-18 09:33:19

Thanks. I will relook. I didn't even think of Cyprus.

28282ooooh Wed 08-Aug-18 23:03:50

@MorrisDancingViv where in Cyprus did you go?

Sevendown Wed 08-Aug-18 23:06:01

It will be cool then and most things will be closed.

MorrisDancingViv Thu 09-Aug-18 15:20:30

@28282ooooh I stayed in Paphos. It was really nice (one of the few places I will definitely return to) and everything was still open.

juneau Sat 11-Aug-18 19:25:52

We have friends who have a villa in Ibiza and they go every year for Oct half-term. Last year was lovely and the western Med had gorgeous weather in late Oct, but the year before was chilly and wet - so it's a gamble. We were in Cyprus both times and we had the opposite - in 2016 the weather was amazing - 28 degrees in Paphos every day and not a cloud in sight - and 2017 it was cooler and we had some rain and a couple of really quite chilly days. The Med is unpredictable in Oct, but if you definitely want warm and sun I'd say your best bet is Cyprus or go to the Canaries.

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