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Ibiza late October

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Ceebeegee Sun 10-Jun-18 18:10:58

Hi MNetters
Has anyone been to Ibiza in late October / half term around 20th/22nd.
I impulsively booked a week there and now having buyers regret !
We don't like "hot" and are comfortable around 20-22. We would like days at the beach, sight seeing etc but other than that is there even anything open that time of year that we could do ?
Luckily we're not too fussed about water parks which we know are closed in October, but do you think the hotel pools will be open ?
Or any boat trips still running?
Or any thing else still open at the end of season?

CremeEggThief Sun 10-Jun-18 18:15:01

I think the weather can be hit and miss, but I went for the last week of October in 2014 and we were blessed with the weather. It was 23-28° every day and warm enough to eat outside on the hotel terrace most nights. It was the last week of the season though; lots of places had signs up saying they'd be closing for winter next week.

danTDM Sun 10-Jun-18 18:32:29

Oh it will be lovely, me and DD are looking at going then. Perfect weather, not too many tourists and most things will be running. (That matter!) Hotel pools will probably be shut though. You have the sea!

Couldn't bear to go there in August/Sep.

(I live opposite, in Spain, an hours ferry away!)

Ceebeegee Sun 10-Jun-18 18:57:36

Phew so not a total loss. Thanks for your replies.

CremeEggThief Sun 10-Jun-18 20:43:19

The hotel I stayed at in Es Cana was right on the beach, but the pool was still open too.

Spidermansthong Wed 13-Jun-18 18:16:41

I went to Ibiza around that time a few years ago. The weather wasn't great. The first day was lovely, about 25 degrees, then the next day it rained, day 3 and 4 was torrential all day rain, day 5 it rained on and off, day 6 was dry but cloudy and the sea too rough to swim and day 7 was sunny and was about 20s - the only saving grace in my instance was that I was on an activity holiday so I had things and plenty of people to keep me occupied, but I was disappointed as it was my first beach resort break for 5 years and I only got the first day at the beach sad. Tbh, I'd never book to go in October again.

On the plus side, the sea was lovely and warm on the first day, and the two resorts I visited were still operating.

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