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1st holiday ideas for 7-month old twins - help please!

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TwinDaddyP Thu 10-May-18 09:41:38

Hi all!

I'm quite nervous about taking my twin boys on a plane for the first time, just not sure how they'll handle the air pressure or how I'll handle annoying everybody on the plane with their noise (they're normally very calm though), and haven't travelled far with them before.

Does anybody have any tips for sensible ideas for 1st holidays with your 1st baby, and ideally twins? We were considering somewhere short like France, Portugal or Spain, but wondering whether the flight duration is actually not that big a deal and going the little bit further to Italy (we love Italy) is also a great idea.

Any suggestions for important things we should consider about travelling with the babies?


namechangedtoday15 Sun 13-May-18 19:45:01

Have you checked with airline that you'll be able to sit next to each other? When we flew with baby twins, we had to sit either side of the aisle as they only allowed 1 baby in each bank of 3 seats. Just worth knowing so you're prepared.

Also think about car seats. Check whether you can take them.

Also consider single fold up strollers which can be attached together as a double with clips.

Somewhere not too hot!

TwinDaddyP Sun 13-May-18 22:28:03

Thanks for this, that's helpful. I spoke to BA last week about their policy, and will double-check with whatever airline we choose to go with.

Car seats & strollers are something we're going to have to devote serious thought to once we've decided what we want to do.

And thanks re the "not too hot" comment, I needed somebody else to say it to help deter the wife ;)

AJPTaylor Sun 13-May-18 22:30:26

The wife? hmm

nuttyknitter Sun 13-May-18 22:33:14

We didn't take ours abroad until they were 15! Seriously, we had so many lovely holidays in self catering accommodation in Britain with no worries about travel, food, unsuitable heat etc.

Backtoblack1 Sun 13-May-18 22:34:47

Definitely single buggies! My twins used to have different agendas, including when they slept so i think that would be useful. We took ours away when they were about three months but we stayed in this country - literally took everything including the kitchen sink! Stock up on calpol and nurofen and be aware that their ears may hurt on the plane. Enjoy!

Lindah1 Sun 13-May-18 22:36:31

We flew recently to Crete ( 4 hours+) with our 9 month old, the flight itself was easy. She slept for half if it, and no problem with ears. If you are bringing a car seat or 2, make sure to get a bag for it (on amazon) as you can then carry it on your back like a rucksack, and can also pack it full of nappies as it doesn't get weighed. That's what we found the most stressful - managing all the luggage/ security at the airport, leave loads of time, we had 2 hours and barely made the flight.
What time of year are you thinking of going?

fabulous01 Sun 13-May-18 22:46:31

My twins are 3 and been back to Belfast a number of times and to Spain 3 times
Absolutely fine. But I recommend taking your own car seats and at that age you will soon need new ones anyway and if they do get bashed claim of the insurance
Take cheap things and wrap them to give them a present on plane
You may have to sit separate so you will have one each but they don’t need their own seat but you pay about 25 quid for them to sit in knee
If going warm places get them ok baby piriton in advance and get a spray called magi cool for prickly eat
You can get milk at boots at airport
And go with the flow.
But they will have a ball
Take a cheap buggy to plane and if you use a carry sling that will be great as some airports have a massive walk

namechangedtoday15 Sun 13-May-18 22:56:37

lindah well imagine all that stress with 2 babies, 2 car seats, 2 single buggies, luggage for 4 smile!

OP the other thing to remember is that certainly for the flight you & your wife won't be able to do anything - you'll each have one baby on your lap and there's no room for one of you to hold both of them whilst the other eats for example. You may get chance if you are good with one handed activities smile. Also think about making luggage easy to spot - one of you will be holding both babies potentially without car seats of buggies whilst the other gets all the cases etc off the conveyor belt. Logistically it's hard work!

Think too about single use bottles if you don't want the hassle of sterilising if you're still doing that and probably take ready to drink milk cartons in your luggage (rather than making with powder & boiled / bottled water). In that sense, places like Majorca where lots of Brits go might be more English-baby friendly than other places.

Good luck smile

TwinDaddyP Mon 14-May-18 07:54:14

Thanks everyone very much for some very helpful tips! A couple more questions if I may:

- Do hotels/resorts tend to offer costs for babies, or are you supposed to take some sort of travel vote or something with you?! (Sounds ridiculous)

- Surely we would HAVE TO take car seats because otherwise we wouldn't be able to get taxis anywhere at the other side..?


weekfour Mon 14-May-18 08:14:28

I personally found under ones easier on flights. Mine all seemed to enjoy the noise and motion. They are all pretty sleepy babies though. Make sure you’ve got a bottle for taking off and coming down- it helps with their ears.

We always went somewhere with a washing machine. You don’t actually have to take that many clothes then. They’re quite happy in cool romper suits. We used to air B&B in cities. My kids love being pushed around looking at the sights- well they probably don’t really care about the sights but they’re are lots of business and other people to watch and they’ll probably get a lot of fuss and attention. That lends itself particularly well to Italy and it’s beautiful towns and cities.

Appreciate that’s not everyone’s type of break though. I’d just make the most of them being non-walking. I find beach/pool holidays a bit stressful now that mine can all walk in different directions.

weekfour Mon 14-May-18 08:15:51

Sorry, my grammar is all over the show there, but it’s before nine o’clock. grin

TwinDaddyP Mon 14-May-18 13:28:44

Very good tips! Thank you! smile

Minniemountain Mon 14-May-18 17:20:01

Cots depends on the hotel/resort.
Car seats you probably could hire but we always take our own.
I would strongly suggest staying in a villa or apartment with small DCs. That way you have your own space to relax in properly when they're asleep.

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