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Portaventuraworld in Salou

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Pinkpeanut27 Tue 13-Mar-18 14:45:05

Has anyone been and got any tips or thoughts ?
I’m thinking of 4 days on-site in August after a week in Barcelona.

KitKat1985 Sat 24-Mar-18 19:51:03

I think 4 days might be a tad long - there's a water park and a theme park. We did one day in the water park and one day in the main park when we went. However, we only did the child and family friendly rides there though as went with our toddler, so if you are intending to do all things there 3 days would probably be ample.

popcorneveryminute Sat 24-Mar-18 19:55:50

I agree that 3 days for both theme park and water park is enough. We did one day at the theme park and reckoned we needed one more to get round everything. We went in June and there were loads of big groups of Spanish school kids so the lines were longer that they might have been otherwise. There's also Ferrari Land which has opened nearby so maybe you could spend your fourth day there.

Bluecarrot Sat 24-Mar-18 19:57:08

We’ve been 5 times, staying once in a portaventura hotel, and always going off peak. We went daily ( for 7 days) as included in the hotel price so went, came back to hotel for lunch and a rest/out of sun, then back after 3pm. Fantastic place.
Though salou is v close - easy walking distance and probably cheaper than on-site if that matters to you.
We’ve stayed at the H10 med. village and negresco in cap salou too. There’s a bus that takes you to the park from there.

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