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Driving through France to Spain

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MiniCooperLover Tue 13-Feb-18 20:42:14

We are heading to El Delfin Verde on the CostaBrava in July and DH said he'd been chatting to friends who recommended an overnight stay in Nimes. However Google Maps calls that a 9.5 hour drive from Calais. We were hoping to do 8 max before stopping for the night so maybe Avignon? Any suggestions?

NickMyLipple Tue 13-Feb-18 20:46:37

I hope you don't mind but I'm just going to placemark... we are driving to Spain (Mojaçar) in September and I would love to hear from others who have done similar. We'll have a 6 month old with us too, so will need regular stops for coming out the car seat! We plan to spend a week getting there and back and a week on holiday.

dertyyuoih2 Tue 13-Feb-18 20:48:09

Where in the UK are you driving from? We go from the north west and stop central France going to near Avignon. It’s a long drive!
I’d look further north around valence?

NickMyLipple Tue 13-Feb-18 20:48:56

I think we were planning stops in Lyon and Barcelona on the way there and then driving the back up the West.

MiniCooperLover Tue 13-Feb-18 20:53:50

We are going from Essex to Folkestone and then to Calais via The Eurotunnel so setting off from Calis. We don't mind 8 hours with a couple of stops but more than that feels unsafe. Our DS will be 7 so as long as he has his tablet or DVD he'll be happy.

dertyyuoih2 Tue 13-Feb-18 20:54:19

Valence is just south of Lyon so good choice. We drove to Sof France from north west when LO was 4 months old and it was really easy. We found in France there are a lot of rest areas on the motorway. He was so good and slept and amused himself really!

Fedupwithchangerightnow Tue 13-Feb-18 20:55:18

We have done this journey several times. we try to stop over in Orleans overnight. Think carefully about where you cross the border as the coast road by Barcelona is a nightmare.

dertyyuoih2 Tue 13-Feb-18 20:56:03

Avignon is lovely with some good hotels, you are much closer to channel tunnel than us! We did it once it 17 hours from north west to south of France, never again! Avignon is dead easy to get too and the journey is pretty easy really! Stops and rest areas are a plenty!

MiniCooperLover Tue 13-Feb-18 21:00:33

Our campsite is in Gerona so we are planning to come into Spain via the a9 in France. What would you recommend?

mrswarthog Tue 13-Feb-18 21:01:13

We go from the north-west to Argelés-sur-mer, on the border, & stop at Dijon /Maćon/ Saone. We've done it since our DC were tiny, as pp have said there's loads of places to stop for breaks.

BarbaraofSevillle Wed 14-Feb-18 09:14:38

We did this years ago from Northern England and stopped overnight somewhere near Clemont Ferrand, I seem to remember an industrial estate with a few very cheap motel type places in the middle of France, possibly near Orleans.

I'd like to do it again, but since the introduction of cheapy airlines, it seems a bit of a daft thing to do, seeing as you can fly to the Costa Brava in a couple of hours and the cost of flying is probably comparable or cheaper for us as a couple, even taking luggage and car hire into account.

MiniCooperLover Wed 14-Feb-18 10:05:57

Yeah I don't disagree but DH quite likes a road trip because he likes to take as much with us as possible re food and drink and I don't mind really.

TheyBuiltThePyramids Wed 14-Feb-18 19:11:03

We normally stop Lyon way - I never plan a sight-seeing type place though as the journey tends to be knackering. Novotel at Lyon Nord has a pool, family rooms, kids menu and free breakfast for kids. And is just off the motorway. On you can also search along a route. We also stayed here after a MN recommendation from someone who did the trip a lot. It was lovely and about 10 mins off the motorway at Macon. They did a wine tasting slot before dinner.

Babipotjam Mon 19-Feb-18 07:42:41

What about getting the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Spain?

CardinalSin Mon 19-Feb-18 10:40:53

I would suggest Valence (not having stopped there myself). I always avoid the centre of Lyon anyway because of the traffic. Add in the extra time to get to and away from a hotel in a larger city I would suggest somewhere smaller to have a bit more time to relax while you are there.

millimat Mon 19-Feb-18 12:31:34

We stopped near Clermont-Ferrand last year.

CardinalSin Mon 19-Feb-18 14:48:49

The Clermont-Ferrand route goes via Paris. I think the Valence/Lyon route A5-A6-A7 is easier personally.

KateGrey Mon 19-Feb-18 14:50:30

We are in Essex and drove to near Girona. We have two autistic children and didn’t want to risk a plane. We drove it in a day (14 odd hours). I did it with a family member and we split the days and stayed in Macon.

elQuintoConyo Mon 19-Feb-18 14:57:35

Crossing into Spain through Jonqueres can be touch and go. Sometimes we fly through, sometimes it is sticky, 1hour+.

Are you staying in/near Banyoles? Absolutely beautiful lake. Have fun, Girona city is gorgeous.

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