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Myknonos - Greece for beginners

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CrabappleCake Mon 06-Nov-17 12:03:12

Seen a good deal to Mykonos in May. Haven't been to Greece before. Would it be a good place to go for 50 year old couple, who aren't into partying, like walking and good food.

Don't really just want to sit on a beach all day either...

KalaLaka Mon 06-Nov-17 12:08:54

I haven't been to Mykonos, but I would recommend Crete. Chania/Xania or Agios Nikolaos would be ideal; about hersonissos and malia.

Crete has enough going on regarding culture/ancient sites and amazing walks, as well as beautiful beaches. Incredible villages to visit.

mrsnec Mon 06-Nov-17 12:19:21

It might be too cool to swim in the sea or pools at that time of year.

Mykonos is beautiful and I am sure its suitable for a couple of your age. It has some nightlife but its not lairy and there are great restaurants and shops. I think its becoming popular with cruise companies niw though and certain parts of the island get crowded when the ships are in.

I found Mykonos expensive compared to other parts of Greece. I have never been to Crete but its on my wish list and I would chose Chania. I also love the look of Santorini but I think Mykonos has nicer beaches.

bananafanana1 Mon 06-Nov-17 22:43:10

For a typical Greek feel, loads of rooftop restaurants, lovely beaches, relaxing nightlife and nice shops to potter around try Lindos in Rhodes. Try the Exclusively Lindos website (Sorry maybe not helpful if you’re looking at Mykonos!) grin

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