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Single parent holidaying with a 4y.o?

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Ajd94 Thu 19-Oct-17 21:44:10

Has anybody done this and can give me any advice/tips?
I’ve booked a week in December to fuerteventura with my daughter (4) and as excited as I am for my first holiday in 10(!!!) years I am cacking my pants thinking of how to entertain her whilst still getting to relax a bit myself. Is it possible? I’ve already started buying magazine bundles and sticker books to occupy her for 15 minutes at the pooL!

KingIrving Fri 20-Oct-17 09:07:56

Make it 50/50 and go to the beach in the morning. It will a lot easier for you to relax there as she will have plenty of things to do to amuse herself, from sandcastle to building an aircraft with stones.
Then the afternoon at the pool.
Make sure to put a bucket and some sand toys in the suitcase, because depending on where your hotel is located, there might not be shops around. Also, check if the pool is heated in winter. If not, buy a swimsuit from Decathlon. The sea will be cold (expected) but the pool will be freezing too.

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