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Lisbon with elderly relative

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AllTalkNo Thu 19-Oct-17 14:33:35

I'm going to Lisbon for a couple of days, with an elderly relative. Can you recommend sightseeing suitable for her limited mobility (tires easily but can manage steps) and need to be near a toilet / visit places with a loo?

whataboutbob Fri 27-Oct-17 21:34:15

Can't speak specifically about lisbon (sorry!) but I took my dad for a last holiday abroad to Barcelona. In retrospect he was in early/ mid stages of dementia, which is not you r situation, but here are some things that helped:
Being liberal with hailing taxis as soon as he got tired.
Building visits around things he was into - history, churches, restaurants. I researched restaurants in advance by using the website Chowhound and posting questions/ soliciting recommendations. Avoided very noisy venues (not always easy in Spain!).
Lisbon can be hilly when you start going up to the higher neighbourhoods. There are tramways/ funiculars that go up the steep streets- maybe research where the funiculars are in advance.
Museums will have loos, and cafes of course. From memory the Gulbenkian museum is very good.
I am glad I took him on that hoilday, even though it was exhausting (for me) at times. Good luck.

Taffeta Fri 27-Oct-17 21:35:21

It’s very hilly in Lisbon! I’d recommend a tram tour.

MrsSchadenfreude Fri 27-Oct-17 22:24:11

Lisbon is indeed very hilly. Go for the tram tour and use the metro a lot.

TheAntiBoop Fri 27-Oct-17 22:35:45

They have those little moped car things all over the place that you can get for a tour - some seemed perfectly safe with seatbelts etc!!

Trams can get really busy

You can arrange tours quite easily with mini can firms too I believe. We didn't in the end but it seemed quite reasonably priced.

LoniceraJaponica Sat 28-Oct-17 22:34:46

Ditto the hills in Lisbon. The best sights are on hills or in hilly areas - and not necessarily on public transport routes. I think you should consider using taxis for some of your visit.

I must admit that Lisbon wouldn't be first on my list for someone with limited mobility.

AllTalkNo Mon 30-Oct-17 21:09:22

Thanks all, my goodness there were some steep slopes, but we managed using taxis (relatively cheap) and a tram to Belem which is flat.

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