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dublinia Tue 17-Oct-17 13:32:19

Any suggestions for accommodation in Amsterdam please?
Crowne Plaza was mentioned on here before but which one ?
Bringing my Mum - big birthday.

midsomermurderess Tue 17-Oct-17 14:56:08

I stayed at Hotel Estherea on Singel Canal and it is just lovely. It is quite flouncyily decorated but very comfortable, in fact I have never slept in a more comfortable bed. They do a fantastic breakfast, but it is quite pricey, and there are lots of other places around to eat. It's pretty close to the centre, the museum district is a few tram stops away and the nine streets are just over the bridge. It is quite pricey, about £150 a night, but for a big birthday, that might be ok.

itsmehello Wed 18-Oct-17 16:52:17

It's all a bit down to your budget. You can get lovely canal side hotels but they tend to be pricey and really cheap ones by the airport. We stayed at the Moevenpick next to the main station and it was perfect value for money for our needs. Paid around 130£ per night for the Double and booked through

preproombabe Wed 18-Oct-17 16:57:56

I went to Amsterdam with my daughter in July and we also stayed at the Movenpick. It was really nice, great views and very comfortable. Only downside, it is a bit of a walk to the centre. Having said that, it is only 10-15 mins walk to the station and you can get trams to all the tourist attractions from the front of the station.

If you want to visit the Ann Frank House you will need to book in advance. I thought it was well worth it!

littlechou Wed 18-Oct-17 17:11:12

Depends on your budget but if it’s a big bday and you’ve got some money to burn.... The conservatorium!

It’s AMAZING. So gorgeous, modern, light, perfectly located, staff so friendly..... buffet breakfast to die for 😍😍

(I might or might not have had seconds, thirds of smoked salmon) yum yum

Can I come?

dublinia Wed 18-Oct-17 17:51:01

Thanks all. Sadly budget not great.
Very difficult to get a booking. Many booked out for our dates.
Got an Ibis.
We have booked the Anne Frank house.
Next time perhaps the Conservatorium smile

Dancergirl Sun 22-Oct-17 10:39:27

We stayed at the Clemens Hotel a year or two ago. You couldn't be closer to the Anne Frank House - you could see the queue from the window!

It meant dh and dd1 queued and we stayed at the hotel until they were near the front smile

It's a very small hotel up a steep flight of stairs but the rates were reasonable, it was clean and comfortable and has great reviews on Trip Advisor.

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